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Your HR Department might not be a profit center, but spending money on the care and feeding of your HR system is pertinent to your business's sustainability.  Good business leaders make fact-based decisions on how to allocate scarce resources -- including cost versus benefit analysis.  In the HR space, it's often tough to justify the expense of implementing the latest and greatest software solution.  And, so HR projects may lag behind other more business critical ventures that help to enable profitability, sales, or new product development. 

That can be a short-sighted outlook to sustaining a key resource.  Technology is moving rapidly.  Continued productivity – continued cost management that is in line with your competitors – will require understanding the latest technology options to enable success.   

If you are not working in a Shared Services environment and your competitors are, you are losing money.  If you have not enabled your employees to work more productively by using mobile solutions, but your competitors have – you are losing money.  For every cent you spend on HR administrative services that your competitors don’t spend, you ultimately, eventually lose money.  You lose money because you are running in a higher cost environment. . . and sometimes even because the best talent is attracted to more technically adept employers.   

Consider the impact of not allowing your employees to share information about themselves internally – in a “Linked In” sort of way.  In global companies or in virtual work environments where “face-time” is limited, employees may feel invisible to decision makers and to management in the company – their skills and accomplishments largely unknown to others.  But give employees an environment in which their immediate job goals, what they are working on and what they have accomplished can be readily shared, and the possibilities for that employee become enormous.  An environment like that can be essential for employee retention.   

SAP has been exploring solutions required to meet the new world requirements of retaining your most valued asset:  your employees.  Their Shared Services solutions are poised to help HR departments reduce administrative costs and enable increased employee productivity.  Innovative products like Career on Demand are being developed to meet today’s appetite for social media type platforms.  Mobile applications to more quickly enable employee self service activities are being deployed.  Business Objects is solving the puzzle of “how do I get my data out of the system and make it consumable by managers.” 

Some of solutions are already sitting on your shelf. 

It might pay for you to explore the possibilities. 

As I prepared for the SAPPHIRE-ASUG Annual Conference, this weekend – looking across the more than 500 sessions that are being offered, I could not help but be impressed at what SAP and SAP Partners are doing to enable better management of Human Capital.  More intriguing were the customer stories of how they used SAP to solve their own dilemmas.  

 I thought you might be interested in this too.

What I do know is that we are working in a world where the old answers just won’t work for successful businesses today.  I’m anxious to explore the possibilities that might be sitting on my shelf.  If you are too, take a look at my session grid which summarizes all the opportunities I will be trying to explore across 4 short days in May.  Maybe I’ll see you there. 

Find my list of "Don't Miss" HCM sessions on SlideShare.net -


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