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I had the opportunity to attend the annual SAPPHIRENOW ASUG conference in Orlando in early June.  One of the sessions I attended was an on-premise HCM Update by Michael Fruectl, Michael Bonrat and Umarani T M.

In the session, I learned that there is still a continuing commitment to SAP’s approximate 13,000 on-premise HCM customers, and there are programs in place to assist them.  The first one is called the SAP Improvement Finder.

© SAP SuccessFactors 2018


SAP Improvement Finder

They provided an overview of the new and improved improvement finder accessible at https://sapimprovementfinder.com/. According to SAP, the SAP Improvement Finder provides customers with detailed information about improvements and roundups delivered within the framework of the SAP Customer Connection Program. The tool allows customers to find improvements by name, topic or timeframe, and understand how to benefit from these improvements.

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Above is a sample of navigating the website, starting with the Human Resources category and then viewing the improvements as shown in the middle of the screen. A user can select an item to see additional information about that specific improvement on the right-hand side of the screen, as shown in the picture above.

Photo by Danielle Larocca of slide presented at the 2018 SAPPHIRENOW ASUG Conference


You can even export the data to Microsoft Excel as shown in the image above.

Photo by Danielle Larocca of slide presented at the 2018 SAPPHIRENOW ASUG Conference


Delivery Call

Next, they talked about the HCM On-Premise quarterly delivery calls. They started with a live poll of the audience to see who was attending them. Of the approximately one hundred or so attendees, there were no hands raised. After some discussion, the end resolution seemed to be that the delivery calls were not a known item and customers simply did not know about them or how to access them.  I myself was not in the know and was happy to hear of their existence.

© SAP SuccessFactors 2018


Customer Influence Program

In the slide Michael presented above, he included hyperlinks to past updates. I accessed the first link https://influence.sap.com/sap/ino/#campaign/22 and was able to connect with my SAP Partner credentials to the SAP Customer Influence Program.

Via a quick Google Search I learned that the SAP Customers Influence program gives you the opportunity of collaborating closely with SAP development teams in development projects. I must admit that it is a bit frustrating to add another SAP website to keep track of, upload a picture to etc. in my ever-growing SAP Arsenal.  I intend to blog about that separately.  To get more information about SAP’s Customer Influence programs and to start participating, please visit influence.sap.com

Anyway, the website, as shown above, provides access to improvement requests submitted, delivered improvements and blogs. More importantly it provides access for you to connect with Michael Fruechtl and Michael Bonrat whom you can contact to learn more about the Delivery Call and how you can join in, in the future.

I hope that these three items were helpful to you in your effort to stay in the know on all things SAP Human Capital Management on premise.

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