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SAP-Concur integration is something many customers and even more would-be customers in Europe have been waiting for. The old Dell Boomi based Financial Connector between Concur and SAP has never convinced anybody I talked to, but help is nigh!

The new integration package, hoped to be available early in Q2/2016 comprises:

Employee Master Data Synchronisation

  • Direct integration (no file transfer) as job
  • Concur fields can be mapped flexibly against SAP Infotype fields
  • No integration with SuccessFactors Employee Central yet. This is on the roadmap, but not yet clear when. To bridge the gap we recommend to work with file exports and imports.

Finance Master Data Synchronisation

  • Direct integration (no file transfer) as job. It is recommended to run it every 5 minutes or even more often to avoid usage of non-existent cost objects
  • Transfers cost centres, WBS elements, internal orders, network activities, sales orders for Concur Expense
  • Transfers Purchase orders and vendors for Concur Invoice
  • Best practise: keep all cost objects in Concur in one connected list with a 4-level hierarchy, but other set-ups can be supported

Financial Posting

  • It works for traditional SAP ERP. S4 HANA support is planned for later this year. Get in touch with SAP, if you need it.
  • Reports to be posted are selected by date, system, company code and cost objects
  • Double posting it blocked
  • If an error occurs, the respective expense report is stopped completely from being posted and receives a status to reflect that there was a posting error. It can then be changed in Concur and reposted.
  • Currently, expense repost can’t be changed after posting. This is going to change probably later this year and then the posting interface will be able to recognise changes and post the differences – similar to what you may know from the SAP on-premise Travel Management solution
  • Successful posting as well as payment info are sent back to Concur
  • Full audit trail is visible in Concur
  • Integration with Concur Pay is not yet supported

General setup of the Concur-SAP integration

  • The setup is much easier than it used to be between SAP Cloud for Travel and SAP ERP
  • The add-ons required can be downloaded from Service Marketplace and installed on your SAP Development system(s) to be transported to other system. Further setup is really quick and wizard guided and needs to happen on each SAP system involved.
  • All communication goes via APIs through one single RFC connection. Communication is always opened up by the ERP system, so the ERP is never ”talking to strangers”. Concur only ever replies to requests from SAP ERP. To establish a secure communication, certificates need to be applied according to SAP guidance.
  • There is no middleware required
  • Concur doesn’t know the concept of time dependency, so master data is only transferred, when it’s valid (i.e. open for posting).
  • There are BAdIs available for further customisation
  • The solution is supported for SAP ERP ECC 6.0 upwards
  • There is no payroll integration available yet, but it”s on the roadmap. If you need payroll integration now or if the new standard design doesn’t work for you for some reason,a pragmatic SAE-file based custom solution can be set up or is offered by consultancies (covering taxable pay, payment though payroll and other legal requirements like M-flag for Germany or P11D for the UK)
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