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I am writing this blog to provide information about SAP Global certifications available for S/4 HANA developers. When I tried to search for S/4 HANA dev certification in the link Certifications , could not get a exact match. Then I tried to find required materials from SAP learning hub to know what are the technologies involved and required skills, a developer should have to work on S/4 HANA implementations. After that, also found a nice blog by Michael, S/4 HANA Developer skills on the same topic. With this information, I tried to match the SAP certification courses currently available in SAP market place and below is the result what I found in summary.

Basically,  S/4 HANA certification is separated for front end and back end,  for the front end developers the certification code is C_FIORDEV_20, it holds the information about SAPUI5 and fiori technologies from the materials UX100, UX402, UX403 and UX410 and the link for the certification is here, C_FIORDEV_20

On the back end, the certification is ABAP for HANA with the code E_HANAAW_14, it contains the information about ABAP for HANA with objects like Core Data Services, AMDPs(HA400) and Native HANA objects and modeling views(HA100). The link for the certification is E_HANAAW_14

On the back end, there is also significant use of traditional programming in current version S/4 HANA, it is highly recommended to have Netweaver ABAP certification C_TAW12_750, in order to appear for E_HANAAW_14 but not mandatory. The certification link for ABAP 7.5 is, C_TAW12_750

These Certifications are also available on Cloud hub, so you can take them at your place. Apart from the certifications, you can find additional information about S/4 HANA system overview and embedded analytics in the following materials in learning hub, but they are not mandatory for appearing for above certifications.

S4H00 - S/4 HANA Overview,  S4H100 – SAP S/4HANA Implementation Scenarios

S4H400 – S/4HANA Analytics , S4D430  - Building CDS views


Conclusion:  I hope this information is helpful to you, I am not an expert on this area of skills, if I wrote something wrong, please correct me with the comments, so that I can update the content.

Thank you.


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