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Is it possible to play with QM (quality management) module in SAP retail system? Of course. What's special? The method of activating the inspection type of article master data is special. This blog expounds this particularity.



1, Execute the transaction code mm41 to create an article master data 755.  Goto the logistic: DC view,



Click the button 'quality management' to enter the QM view, as shown below,


Only display insp data button here. The inspection type cannot be activated normally.



2,When executing mm01 to create new materials in SAP manufacturing system, goto the QM view,



Click insp. setup button to activate the inspection type for the material, as shown in the following screenshot:



Why? Does SAP retail have any special setting requirements for QM module?


3, After investigation, the following SAP notes are available for reference.

1923139 - MM41, MM42 - Defining inspection type for articles (IS-R) is not possible (QA291, MH091)




4,Save the article number 755 in the transaction code MM41,


Execute transaction code QA08 and try to activate inspection type,

Enter the article number 755, the plant NMDC, execute, and enter the following screen,


Select this item and click Save button,


SAP show message:1 material were processed.  Successful!



Now execute transaction code MM43 to display the QM view of this article master,

Then we can see the inspection type data for this article, see below screen,





Therefore, the conclusion is that in SAP retail system, when we execute MM41 transaction code to creates article master data, the inspection type cannot be activated directly, and the inspection type cannot be activated in MM42 transaction code either. The inspection type of QM can only be activated for article master through transaction code QA08.


Note: This blog is based on SAP S4HANA 1909 system.