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Quality Management is one of the modules which is responsible for maintaining the quality standards of the product. It plays a vital role in producing the desired products as per the standards of the organization. Based upon the quality data further (either GR or Production) steps will be processed. Quality Management is widely used in most industries. For example, Pharmaceutical Industry, Chemical Industry, FMCG Industry etc...

Warehouse Management is used to locate the exact location of the material. The integration of WM with QM comes into the picture after completion of Goods Receipt (at Inventory Management Level)

In this process, some or full quantity of the product will be allocated to Quality managed storage type.


Below are the prerequisites to integrate WM with QM.

  1. Define Inspection Sample Model

  2. Activate QM interim Storage type search.

  3. Storage type search

By following the above steps, we are integrating the Quality control indicator with the storage type.


Path to Define Inspection Sample Model

In this step, we are assigning the Warehouse to Quality Control.

Quality Control Indicator is responsible for controlling all the WM – QM Interfaces.

SPRO > SAP Reference IMG > Logistics Execution > Warehouse Management > Interfaces > Quality Management > Define Inspection Sample Model

Source: IDES

After selecting Define Quality Management a pop-up screen will appear as shown below.

Source: IDES

Now, Select Define Inspection Sample Control.

In the below screen we are integrating WM with QM Interfaces with help of Quality Control Indicator as shown below picture.

Source: IDES

In this step, we integrated Quality Control with the storage type, Interim Storage bin, Inception Sample handling in WM, Foreground/Background and Round off sample Inspection quantity.

Inspection Sample Handling in WM

Here, we define for which transaction (Put Away, Goods Issue...) this Quality control indicator should be triggered.

Round off sample Inspection Quantity

We will use this field, if the business wants to round off the Inspection quality (like for 3kgs system will propose round off Quantity 5 Kgs)


In this step, we assign the Quality Control Indicator to Storage type search.

Based on the above assignment system will trigger the Storage type for QC.

Path to Activate QM interim Storage Type Search

SPRO > SAP Reference IMG > Logistics Execution > Warehouse Management > Interfaces > Quality Management > Activate QM interim Storage Type Search

Source: IDES

In the above picture, I have activated the Quality Control for the Put Away strategy.


In this step, we determine to which storage type the material or product should be moved after the Put Away with the help of Storage Type Indicator.

SPRO > SAP Reference IMG > Logistics Execution > Warehouse Management > Interfaces > Quality Management > Determine Storage Type Search

Source: IDES

Material Creation (MM01)

Create Material with Warehouse Management and Quality Management Views.

Source: IDES

In the Warehouse Management 1 view, maintain Stock Placement Indicator field (which is responsible to trigger the final storage type)

Source: IDES

In Quality Management View, we set up the Quality Inspection Structure.

Source: IDES

Select the Inspection Setup and maintain the data to trigger.

For this material, I have maintained the Inspection type as 01 (Goods Receipt Insp. for Purchase Order).

Whenever we do GR, System will move this material stock directly to quality stock.

Source: IDES

And maintain remaining all the views and save the Material.

Material 20479 is saved.


  1. Create a Purchase Order

  2. Goods Receipt

  3. Conversion of TR to TO

  4. Confirm TO

  5. Maintain Inspection Lot

  6. Posting Change from Bin to Bin

  7. Confirm TO

Create Purchase Order (ME21N)

Purchase Order is a legal agreement between the vendor and organization to provide certain quantity under specified terms and conditions.

In the below picture system is posting directly to quality inspection stock because we activated the check box in the quality management view.

Source: IDES

4500000787 PO created.

Goods Receipt (MIGO)

GR is nothing but inward movement of the stock (received stock from vendor)

Source: IDES

Post the document. Material document 83 is generated.

Now display the material document.

In this document under WM tab, Stock Category is Q (Quality Inspection) and TR number is generated against the material document.

Below is the screenshot of the stock overview (MMBE) after the goods movement.

Source: IDES

Stock Overview at Warehouse level

Source: IDES

Conversion of TR to TO (LT04)

TR – This is a planned document with the source storage type and storage bin.

TO – It is an execution document with both the source and destination data.

Source: IDES

Enter the sample quantity and select the Inspection Quantity remaining in GR area.

Here I allotted 5 sample quantity.

Source: IDES

Save the document and TO (48) is created.

Stock at warehouse level after creating the TO.

Source: IDES

Confirm TO (LT12)

In this step, we confirm the TO. Then, the stock is moved to final storage type as quality inspection stock.

Source: IDES

The remaining 5 quantities are in 917 storage type because we assigned this storage type to quality control indicator.

Stocks after confirming the put away at warehouse level.

Source: IDES

Quality Inspection Lot (QA32)

In this step, we either accept or reject the quality of the product or material.

Source: IDES

Select the document and enter the usage decision (accept or reject).

Source: IDES

Here, I am accepting the stock.

Source: IDES

I am accepting total stock. But, based upon your QI you can do partial acceptance.

After maintaining the usage record, check the stock at the IM level.

Source: IDES

Posting change conversion to TO (LU04)

Here, we convert posting changing number to TO.

Source: IDES

TO 49 created.

Confirm TO (LT12)

Source: IDES

After confirming, stock will be moved from Q to Unrestricted at WM level.

Source: IDES

Bin to Bin Transfer (LT10)

In this step, we are transferring the material from interim bin (sample quantity) to the final storage bin.

Source: IDES

Select put away foreground and enter the storage type and bin.

Source: IDES

Now, stock is moved to destination bin.

Source: IDES

TO 50 created.

Now, check the stock at WM Level

Source: IDES

Now, confirm the TO (LT12)

Source: IDES

Now, check the stock at WM Level

Source: IDES


By following the above procedure, we can Integrate Warehouse Management with Quality Management.

Thank you for your valuable time.
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