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In this blog, you will learn about a solution that has been developed for the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2020.

1.Vstore Solution Demo

2.Challenge Submission

2.1 Solution Name

Vstore Intelligent marketing interactive platform

2.2 Solution Description

  • In the new round of retail revolution, "the model of pure e-commerce" or "the model of pure physical store" may become a past tense, and the era of "fragmented" new retail has arrived; under the new retail ecosystem, offline physical stores are moving from retail to consumption.the operator’s operating place that connects online digital e-commence and offline physical store, and establishes a deeper brand relationship with the target audience.

  • Under the circumstance that onlineshopping traffic becomes stagnant and the acquisition cost of active customers remains high, the most economical and reliable source of consumer flow is to form a traffic entrance by itself. The "light" mode is the key to the low-cost and high volume acquisition of customers.

  • The goal of AVA Vstore is to make stores lighterby leveraging the technologies of cloud computing, big data analysis, visual processing, Internet of Things, payment aggregation and other technologies of capturing consumer behavior in different scenarios and extracting the correlation of consumer behaviors , and then focus E lastic retail business ecology.

2.3 Solution architecture

3.Solution Use Case

3.1 Real Customer Use-case

  • Establish an Omni-channel marketing channel to reach the needs of C-end customers (end customers).

  • Centrallymanaging all the sales channels of the business over geography with a unified product content management including price list, sales policy management, inventory management, and order management.

  • Through virtual display technology, change the way of product display, improve customer shopping experience, and display the entire category of goods and shopping guides anytime and anywhere. Increase sales and reduce inventory backlog.

  • Unified member management system, through intelligent classification of customer labels, shopping behaviors, browsing trajectory and analysis of customer portraits, to achieve an accurate marketing.

  • store integrates social media with its own traffic to achieve efficient customer acquisition in the store; increasing customer conversion rate through sales opportunity management.

3.2 Persona Identified

3.3 Pain Points

3.3.1 Corporate pain points

  • There are multiple sales methods and channels for enterprises, but there is no system and process. The sales channels are isolated from each other and the information is asymmetric, which leads to high management costs.

  • A inventory turnover rate and a high Inventory costs. Additional costs are passed on to the product with a higher sellingprice, and it is difficult to achieve sales volume and sales goals. We hope to achieve the sales-to-purchase / sales-to-sales model to strengthen the supply chain ecosystem.

  • Lack of a unified membership management system, the company did not really reach the C-end and its operating members; members and enterprises have low viscosity and high turnover

3.3.2 Customer pain points

  • How to obtain multiple transaction channels to meet the needs of multiple purchase scenarios

  • How to quickly and easily realize purchase payment

  • How to get personalized product information, marketing activity information

  • How to get real-time information on the entire process of purchase, logistics, and after-sales

3.4 Solution Details

AVA uses SAP Business One and Vstore's Omni-channel enterprise solution to realize front-end store sales of furniture companies, sales of distributors and channel dealers, department store and other channel sales models, and conducts unified data through the Vstore mid-stage data processing center. Cleaning and processing, synchronize the results of the processed business documents to ERP, and ERP completes the related accounting and voucher work for finance. Achieve perfect integration of Omni-channel marketing, finance, supply chain, service and IT network.

  • Convenient, fast and personalized store building process:Simplify the process of building a store and personalize each store.

  • Enriching customer’s purchasing experiences:flexible and simple e-commerce ordering experience, store real-life experience, creative 3D design cloud service experience, and convenient payment experience.

  • Intelligent member management system:full life cycle management of membership with multi-dimensional personalized labels and 360-degree portraits of members.

  • Marketing campaign management:integration of multiple marketing scenarios, intelligent analysis of member behaviors, intelligent crowd segmentation, and precise marketing operations.

  • Multi-dimensional real-time analysis report template:marketing analysis visualization report, sales report by region / time / product, etc.

4.Solution Technology

Java is used as the underlying development language to combine various business processing units into multiple microservices. According to business needs, container technology is used for flexible aggregation scenarios, and cloud architecture is used for product design and version iteration.

UX Technology:

  • SAP Fiori, Open UI5, HTML, JavaScript

  • Platform Technology:

  • SAP Cloud Platform

  • SAP Translation Hub

  • SAP Business One, Service Layer

  • SAP By Design, OData, Web Service

  • JAVA

  • Docker, Kubernates

  • Big Data / HBase

  • Machine Learning / TensorFlow

5.Road Map

It will integrate more deeply with SAP-ERP, provide customers with overall business solutions, cover the entire business chain of the enterprise, and increase collaboration and cooperation between enterprises and upstream and downstream customers.



  • Partner: Beijing AVA Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Country: China

  • Team Name: AVA Cloud Division

  • Team Members:Pengfei zhu, Neil Zhou, Leno Zhan, Dong Jiang

  • WeChat Subscription

For more information about the development challenge, you may refer to the SME SEEDx Development Challenge 2020.
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