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VIM (Vendor Invoice Management ) :

           VIM is nothing but management of invoices of vendors. To overcome all the drawbacks (mentioned below) automated process is developed which is VIM.

 Existing Process for processing / Posting invoices is as follows :

  1. Internal Requirement.

  2. Purchase Requisition.

  3. Requesting for Quotation

  4. Purchase Order creation

  5. MIGO - Goods receipt number (GRN)

  6. MIRO - Invoice created / posted

Drawbacks in (above mentioned) existing process are as follows:

  1. Manual communication processing like if any invoice got misplaced then vendor needs to ask to buyer and do the communication which is time consuming process to invoice processing.

  2. In MIGO need to enter data manually which is time consuming process.

  3. Attachment of files to email like if that file is of large size then it consumes more space so memory allocation problem occurs and cause of which performance degraded.

  1. VIM Architecture ( Paper based ) :                


Working of VIM :

  1. Invoice comes through Email or by fax or by paper.

  2. It gets scanned first.

  3. After that it goes to archive server where that invoice gets archived to document automatically and that document get stored and identify by 30 digit alphanumeric unique number.

  4. That document is sends to SAP VIM where it get stored and identified by 12 digit hexadecimal number which is called DP number.

  5. For extraction of data on invoice it sends that document to ICC (Invoice capturing center) server. Once it extracts whole data such as vendor number, currency, posting date, address and etc. from that document it sends it back to SAP VIM.

  6. Validation of extracted data is happened in exception handling like is there any mismatching of data or no data for particular field and etc.

  7. Once there is no exception found invoice is  posted through MIRO through BAPI.

This is process of Early archiving that is first invoice comes, scanned and stored it in  archiving server and then DP number gets generated. VIM uses early archiving process.

And Late archiving once invoice comes to Archive Server it parallely starts creating DP number for that document.
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