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The following blog post is a submission for SAP Business One SEED Development Challenge.



Versino IoT HuB for SAP Business One Solution Demo:



Submission Details

Solution Name: Versino IoT Hub for SAP Business One

Versino IoT Hub for SAP Business One allows bidirectional communication between SAP Business One and Sigfox sensors or Internet connected devices leveraging SAP Business One Service Layer and SAP Cloud Platform IoT Services.

Benefiting from broad capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform, Versino IoT Hub for SAP Business One provides strong functional and analytical background to build powerful IoT solutions or services for SME.

As part of entire solution, Versino CZ, s.r.o. provides mobile application Versino IoT Monitor to manage Sigfox sensors and IoT enabled devices on-line.


Solution Use Case

Predictive maintenance, automated service task scheduling automated spare parts availability check

Real Customer: https://www.usspa.cz/en/

The customer USSPA is producing top design and high-quality spas and pools at its factory located at Dolní Dobrouč, Czech Republic.

The USSPA is selling its products globally using various channels and distributors including direct sales through its subsidiaries at Czech Republic and Spain.

The USSPA is always focused on delivering highest level of customer service booth during sales and after sales cycle.

To achieve maximum customer satisfaction level, digital technology plays very important role at USSPA strategy.

The USSPA has decided to include IoT solution in to its digital technology landscape to improve its control over delivered products worldwide and to change customer service strategy from reactive to proactive.

This strategic shift also crates the need for new tools to help service managers, filed service technicians and spare part managers to better fulfil their daily tasks.

Versino IoT Hub for SAP Business One is central pillar of USSPA IoT Digital Solution.


Persona Identified:

# Service manager

# Field service technician

# Spare parts manager



Pain Points:

# Achieving equal service level across all distribution channels worldwide

# Possibility to provide global service and maintenance plans for its customers

# Field service technicians availability and capacity management

# Spare parts availability and logistics

Solution Details:

Versino IoT Hub for SAP Business One is providing live insight for monitored devices including possibility to trigger various key technology or operation parameters to create a service call or to schedule an activity task at SAP Business One including possibility to check availability of potentially defected parts.

This will help to improve customer service level via switching from reactive to proactive service strategy while optimizing field service job scheduling and spare parts management.


Solution Technology


# SAP Cloud Platform (SCP), SAP Cloud Connector, SAP HANA DB Instance

# SCP IoT Service, SCP Portal Service, SCP Identity Provider

# SAP Business One Service Layer, oData

# Open Street Map Service

# Sigfox IoT Network


Go-to-Market Strategy

Industry focus: Cross industry

Marketing strategy: SaaS leveraging SAP Cloud Platform ePaaS pricing model. Indirect distribution through SAP VAR channel network.


Road Map

Versino IoT HuB for SAP Business One is our global strategic platform for IoT solutions.

It’s currently at pilot stage with first customer going live using Smart Service and Maintenance scenario.

Versino IoT HuB for SAP Business One will be continuously developed and improved over the time to provide more out of the box automation and functionality templates for SAP Business One customers.

We are going to bring new IoT scenarios to Versino IoT Hub for SAP Business One such as:

Smart Supplies - Track and manage inventory level for your cutomers using IoT network and Versino IoT Hub to automate order processing and stock replenishment. Never let your customers to run out of stock.

Smart Rental - Track and protect your assets using IoT network and Versino IoT Hub to keep control on their locations or usage. Create new service options based on measuring up time or real consumption.

Smart Waste Management - Track and manage various types of waste containers using IoT network and Versino IoT Hub to optimize their emptying and replacement. Optimize your logistic and planning upon real time container filling rates.

Smart Transportation Container Management - Track and manage various types of transportation containers like IBC, barrels, pallets, etc. using Sigfox sensors including GPS tracking to optimize its lifecycle management, distribution and billing.

Smart Billing and Reporting - Use advantage of fully automated billing and reporting solution to drive your digital transformation for service provider. Provide clarity and transparency to your customers with higher service level for better margin.


Contact Information

Partner: Versino CZ, s.r.o.

Address: Za Pasáží 1609, 530 02 Pardubice | www.versino.cz | sales@versino.cz | +420 463 030 900

Country: Czech Republic

Team Name: Versino IoT Dev Squad

Team Members: Ondřej Nekvinda, Tomáš Langer, Petr Bříza & Co.

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