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VAS Plant Capability feature in SAP S/4 HANA 1909 FPS1 allows you to define the list of plants out of which a VAS service and sub-service combination can be provisioned.  This feature is available for both sales orders and stock transport orders. This article is about the use of this feature in sales orders only.

Based on this list, sales orders will be checked to ensure that the delivering plant in the line item matches the plant of the determined VAS service/sub-service combo, and if there’s a mismatch, a warning and delivery block is applied. If no plant is maintained for any service/sub-service combo, it can be offered via any plant.


  1. Activation:

    • SPRO > SD > Sales > Sales Documents  > Sales Document Header  > Maintain Sales Document Types for Fashion Management > Enable VAS Plant Capability Check checkbox.

    • SPRO > LE > Shipping > Deliveries  > Define Delivery Types for Fashion Management > Enable VAS Plant Capability Check checkbox.

  1. Data maintenance:

    • Logistics – General > Fashion Management > Cross-Applications > Value-Added Services (VAS) > Maintain Service Types and Subservice Types > Maintain the required plant under the relevant VAS service & sub-service node.


  • Active the configs and define the VAS plant capability against VAS service/sub-service combinations, as detailed above.

  • If a plant is defined in this config, system allows this particular VAS service/sub-service combo to be delivered via SO LI delivering from the defined plant. System will issue a warning and delivery block any SO LI trying to deliver the VAS service/sub-service combo from ANY OTHER plant apart from what is defined in the config.

  • NOTE: If no plant is defined in this config, system assumes those VAS service/sub-service combos can be delivered by any plant (default behavior).


  • Plant W201 has been enabled for VAS service 10 & sub-service 10-1 in config (Figure 1).

  • Now only plant W201 can offer the VAS 10 & 10-1 combo.

  • Therefore, when adding a new line item in the sales order, the VAS plant capability check will issue a warning if any VAS service/subservice combo determined is not defined for the delivering plant of the line item. It will also block this line item for delivery at schedule line level (Figure 2).

  • The VAS data and the delivery blocks can be viewed within the sales order line item or via sales VAS report - FSH_VSO (Figure 3).


Figure 1 - VAS plant capability enabled for VAS service and sub-service combo


Figure 2 - Warning issues when adding a sales order line item to a plant not defined in the VAS plant capability config


Figure 3 - VAS plant capability check applies delivery blocks on sales order line items with invalid VAS plant


The warning only seems to work when changing the plant or adding a sales order line item, but not during VAS redetermination, however, the delivery blocks applies correctly in all situations where there’s a plant mismatch.


The VAS plant capability check will assist business users to identify potential VAS unavailability related issues in advance, and resolve them before releasing the orders for execution in the warehouse. By delivery blocking orders which would not be completely fulfilled by a plant because of certain VAS services and sub-services not being offered by the same, it gives an early insight to users to rectifying the issue, by changing the plant, communicating with the customers and/or offering a different VAS service or sub-service that's applicable to the selected plant. The end result would be invaluable time saved during the delivery and warehouse execution phase of an order, allowing for a smooth flow without being held up due to unavailability of VAS services.

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