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This Blog will cover how Variant Configuration will integrate with Assembly Processing of Network/Project with necessary steps.

Business Requirement:

  • One Material has different Characteristics to Sell and depend upon the characteristics of Material; Operative Network Activity Should be selected.

  • The created Operative Network Creation will help for evaluation purpose by Scheduling, cost, Milestone etc. Assignment as well for user time saving / avoiding mistake.


  • As per SAP Standard behavior; assignment of one material to multiple standard networks is not possible in CN08.

Solution :

To achieve this ; Variant Configuration for Network is the Only Way.

In PS; Only Network is Configurable Object.


  1. Characteristics for Material / Standard Network

  2. Class for Material /Standard Network

  3. Characteristics Assignment in Class for Material / Standard Network

  4. Standard Network Creation

  5. Configurable Material Creation

  6. Configuration Profile for Material and Standard Network

  7. Object Dependency ( Global / Local ) Creation


  1. Characteristics for Material / Standard Network – CT04

Characteristics Like;  Type Of Material, Category of Material, Special Procurement.


  • We can create number of Characteristics as per business need.


  1. Class for Material /Standard Network – CL01

3. Characteristics Assignment in Class for Material / Standard Network – CL02

4. Master/Standard Network Creation – CN01

5. Configurable Material Creation – MM01/MM02

6.Configuration Profile for Material – CU41



  1. Object Dependency ( Global / Local ) Creation

Will be creating Local Dependency in CN02.


  • Note: Local dependencies are created for one object ( In this case its Network – XXXXX )  and can only be used with this object.


  • Means; Activity - A3 will be assigning if all above condition / characteristics are matched.

In Requirement class; Configuration Mandatory must need to enable.


 All required setting must be in place for Assembly Processing.



  1. Create the Sales Order

2. Assign require characteristics to material

3. check the created network

  • Characteristics from Material is transferred to Network, as below image.



  • Check the Operative Network Activity as below ;


Please, let me know if anyone have doubt or I missed something.

Your suggestions are most welcome.


Akash Khandelwal