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Dear All,

Good morning

Business requirement: Desktop manufacturing company is delivering component CPU,Monitor and keyboard when they will sale a FG material desktop. But if customer wants mouse, cable and stand also than they will be charge for extra price. And if customer doesn’t want this component than system should not determine that component and relevant operation in production order.

Solution for specific component explodes in production order:

This requirement we can map in system through dependency as a selection condition.

Material BOM have 6 components as per below screen shot. (Transaction code - CS03)

  Materials have below routing data set up: (Transaction code - CS03)

Now create below new characteristic with value Yes and No.

Characteristic: DM_Mouse

Same way create new other characteristic for DM_Stand and DM_Cable

Now create selection condition as per below mentioned screen shot.

Transaction code: CS03

Selection condition code for BOM component explodes in production order.

  Transaction code: CA03 - Selection condition creation in routing data for explode operation in production order.

Selection condition code for operations explodes in production order.

Same processes apply for other characteristic DM_Stand and DM_Cable.

Now when you create sales order. Select below characteristic value based on customer requirement.

If user will select characteristic value as “No” than system will not explode component in production order.

Suppose customer have selected only stand characteristic value as a yes than check result in production order.

As per below screen shot, System determine component stand only in production order.

Same way system determines specific operation for stand in production order also.

Extra price applies to customer setting we can do through transaction code CU61 and CU60. Here we have to assign variant key against characteristic value. And then we have to create new procedure and reference characteristic with multiple value and also assignment of table SDCOM and field VKOND.

Thanks and regards:

Haresh Panara

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