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In this blog, I tried to explain what is the Value date, what is the difference between the value date and the payment date. And how the value date can be determined in different business scenarios.

What is the Value Date?

The value date is the date when the cash or bank balance account affects.

What is the Posting date?

The posting date for the payment is the date when the document is posted in SAP.

Considering what is the value date and posting date defined above, they may not be the same always. We can define the value date based on the payment method, bank account, payment amount and currency or can be determined automatically by the payment program based on the calendar’s assigned while defining the payment configuration in FBZP as a decision criteria based on the business requirement.

Value dates are determined by the payment program in the following ways.

  1. Payment run determines the value date by adding the number of days when the amount to be debited from the account based on the posting date.

  2. Value date also can be determined based on the available amounts

There is a possibility that the plant/ factory will work on and off on different days at certain times. LIke as an example, the bank has a holiday but the factory is working and vice versa. In these scenarios, there is a possibility that we expect to determine the working day as a value date based on the bank calendar to avoid delay in payment or to maintain the required balance before the bank account debited. Below are a few scenarios I listed to test how a system determine the value date automatically.

Scenario Factory Calendar Bank Calendar
Scenario 1 Holiday Working Day
Scenario 2 Working day Holiday
Scenario 3 Holiday Holiday
Scenario 4 Working day Working day


Below are the configuration steps and a test case on how a value date is determined as per scenario 1.

Step 1:- The Calendar United Arab Emirates (AE) is the standard factory calendar available in SAP assigned to the plant. Where 8th Dec is a Holiday.

Step 2: - Below is the calendar A1 defined based on Bank holidays. Where 8th Dec is not a Holiday

Step 3: - After defining the calendars and its Holidays, we have to define the Calendars at the house bank and Account ID level in FBZP configuration.

Go to Transaction code- FBZP- and navigate to the path as per the below screenshot. And enter the company code for which the calendars are required to define at the bank account level.

Define the Factory calendar in the C1 field and Bank Calendar in the C2 field for the respective house bank and Account ID.

Step 4: -

Payment ran with a run date as 8th Dec which is a holiday as per the factory calendar. The value date is updated as Payment run + 2 days and updated as 10th Dec.

Hoping this blog provided a better idea of how the system update value date automatically based on 2 calendars where one calendar has a holiday and the other calendar has a working day. I will cover other scenarios in my next blog.


Leela Amaraneni