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Use case

In SAP S/4HANA, SAP recommended to use the Landscape Transformation Migration Cockpit (LTMC) as a successor of the Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW). However, also LTMC was depreciated from the release 2021 on, as you will see the following message when accessing the LTMC t-code:

The successor of LTMC is the Fiori lighthouse app “Migrate your Data”.

Due to its preconfigured setup and intuitive use, SAP offers an efficient and easy way to upload data into the system.

The blog describes how to utilize the app based on a cost center upload use case in a step-by-step documentation. The use case was demonstrated on an S/4HANA 2022 system.


Access the Fiori App "Migrate your Data - Migration Cockpit" (app ID F3473, Business role SAP_BR_CONFIG_EXPERT_DATA_MIG). We start creating a project by clicking on “Create” --> “Migrate Data Using Staging Tables”:

In the first step, you need to give your project a name and a mass Transfer ID. Due to errors according to SAP note 3080500, do not use default M01 but try any other number by either entering it or clicking on “display next available”. This error is fixed for releases higher than 2022:

We select a local development package:

In this step, the relevant migration object needs to be selected by moving it to the right (in this case it is a cost center):

Click on Review and do not add predecessors:

Now create Project:

Drag the file with the cost centers to be uploaded here (to simplify the process, just use the template provided by SAP; the file should only contain the content for upload and nothing else):

Once the file is uploaded, the following screen will occur. If the file structure is compliant with the field structure of the target table, the file will automatically disappear again and be shown at the bottom:

The file moved automatically here as it is compliant with the field structure. Now validate the data:

Show messages by clicking on the box on the very right. Apparently, the validation went fine:

Go back and transfer the data now by clicking on “transfer data to staging tables”:

Show the messages again:

Now access your project and prepare the migration by clicking on the "Prepare" button:

The following message will occur. Choose the consistency check on to double-check the consistency of the file one more time:

Click on monitoring on the top to follow the progress:

As a next step ("mapping tasks"), you need to confirm the mappings of the values in the Excel to fields in SAP to avoid errors:

You can confirm all at once or go through the mappings one by one:

If you go into a line, you can check the detailed mapping:

Once all is confirmed, you can continue:

As a next step, you can simulate the migration:

Choose all instances and start:

Click on monitoring on the top again to follow the progress:

The error that is mentioned is due to an authorization issue that was not critical for the overall upload of the cost center:

Now start the migration:

The project is now completed (with errors only due to the authorization issue):

Access the App “Manage Cost Centers” and you can see that the cost center was created successfully:

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