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In the first part of our blog series, we discussed shift notes, covering their setup, configurations, and the step-by-step process. If you missed it, you can catch up by following this link to Part-1.

Now, in Part 2, we're shifting our focus toward the comprehensive topic of shift reports.

Shift Report:

A shift report is a PDF document generated at the end of a shift by the person responsible for the shift and is intended to facilitate the handover to the next shift. A shift report may include the following elements:

  • Shift notes

  • Production activities

  • Confirmations

  • Goods movements

  • Maintenance notifications

  • Quality notifications

  • Maintenance orders

  • Measurement documents

  • Graphical analyses

Benefits of using shift reports:

  • Improved communication between shifts

  • Increased visibility of work progress

  • Early identification of problems

  • Improved accountability for work

  • Reduced risk of errors

  • Improved documentation of work activities

Shift Report Configuration:

Path: Plant Maintenance and Customer Service > Maintenance and Service Processing > Shift Reports/Notes > Settings for Shift Report


Define Shift Report Types


As here we've maintained 2 shift types one for technical objects and the other one for the work center. To proceed, kindly choose the desired shift type from the available options. Once you've selected the appropriate shift type, you can proceed to configure the contents of the shift report settings as below:


Save it and click on the customizing button.


You also have the option to define the arrangement of the subsequent components for inclusion in the shift report printout within the context of Functional Location/Equipment like layout for shift notes, notification, maintenance order, confirmation, etc.

Furthermore, if you require a digital signature you can configure it.

Shift Report Process:

Assignment of shift report to Work center/Functional location/Equipment

CR02-Change Work Center

IE02 - Change Equipment

A production order was created where work center PRETREAT is at operation 0010 which has both the shift note type and shift report type assigned.

Production Order

We set backflush material assigned to operation 0010


Production Order Confirmation

Plant Maintenance notification created during shift.


Now Generate a shift report to analyze of shift 🙂 SHR1 - Shift Report

The system generates a pdf document It is comprised of the shift notes that have been recorded and other documents, such as confirmations, material issues, counter readings, and so on. A digital signature can be used to sign a shift report, if necessary.

Shift Report

The following functionalities are also provided by shift reports:

  • Utilize a digital signature to sign a shift report by accessing the Shift Report menu and selecting the Signing option.

  • If there's a need to remove a shift report, the Discard function in the Shift Report menu can be employed. This action will designate the status of the report as "Discarded." Subsequently, a new shift report can be generated for the relevant shift.

  • For printing purposes, access the PDF document containing the shift report and use the designated button.

  • A compilation of already generated shift reports can be established using Transaction SHR4 (List Shift Reports) or Transaction ISHR4 (List Shift Maintenance Reports).

  • A full-text search can be executed within the list of generated shift reports.


In the context of SAP S/4HANA-enabled plant maintenance and production planning, effective monitoring of production floor activities becomes paramount. Shift reports, comprising valuable shift notes, assume a central role in consolidating vital operational information. This article aims to emphasize the significance of these reports and notes, accompanied by comprehensive configuration guidance. I highly appreciate your active participation and eagerly anticipate your valuable feedback.


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