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In SAP PP & PM, shift notes and reports play a vital role in documenting important events that take place during a shift. These tools allow users to capture relevant information, such as comments, timings, and objects involved in an event.

For instance, when an event occurs, users can create a shift note to record all the necessary details. This could include any comments related to the event, the exact time it occurred, and any relevant objects or equipment involved.

At the end of a shift, the responsible person generates a shift report in PDF format. This report compiles all the shift notes that have been recorded throughout the shift, creating a comprehensive record of events. Additionally, the shift report may also include other important documents like confirmations, material withdrawals, counter readings, and more.

In this blog, we'll explore the Configuration and End to End process for Shift notes, and in blog part 2 we'll look for shift reports.

What's in Shift Notes:

  • Comments: Short notes about what's happening.

  • Time: Write down the time when things happen.

  • Things: Noting down important things involved, like tools or objects.

Shift Note Configuration Steps:

Path: Plant Maintenance and Customer Service > Maintenance and Service Processing > Shift Reports/Notes > Settings for Shift Notes


  1. Define Notification Type:


2. Define Number Ranges for Notification


3. Define Screen Templates


3.1 Notification Header Screen


3.2 Notification Simplified View


4. Make Settings for Shift Note Type


4.1 Reference Objects


5. Make Settings for Printing of Shift Notes


5.1 Assign Shop Papers to Notification Type


Shift Note End-to-End Process Steps:

List of t-code for Shift note

Tcode Description
ISHN1 Create Shift Note Equipment/Functional Location
ISHN2 Change Shift Note Equipment/Functional Location
ISHN3 Display Shift Note Equipment/Functional Location
ISHN4 List Processing
SHN5 Shift Note Cockpit
SHN1 Create Shift Note Work Center
SHN2 Change Shift Note Work Center
SHN3 Display Shift Note Work Center
SHN4 List Processing

Assign Shift notes in the Work Center/Equipment

CR02 - Work Center Change

IE02 - Change Equipment

SHN1 Create Shift Note for Work Center

Create Shift Note

In the below image category coming from figure-7 and reference objects figure-8. enter the shift note information and save it.

Shift Note

After saving the shift note, you have the option to share it via email by clicking the "Send" button. If you'd like to print it, you can do so by clicking on "Display as PDF" and then proceeding with the print from the PDF viewer.

Here is the standard shift note print.

SHN3 - Display Shift Note Work Center

SHN4 List Processing

Shift notes list

To tailor the shift note cockpit to your preferences, you can generate screen variants and layouts for SHN4 that align with your convenience.

Shift Note Cockpit



Overall, shift notes and reports in SAP provide a systematic and efficient method of documenting events during a shift, allowing for easy retrieval and analysis of information when needed.

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