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The year 2020 is a challenging year and one of the best ways to overcome the challenges the year brings is through efficiency. This doesn’t just mean cutting costs and holding your breath until it’s over. What it means is your company has to change to adapt to the effects of 2020 that we will face years to come. 

Decisions you make for your business must be based on real data - not based on what others are doing or impulsivity. Companies that have already implemented SAP Business One are already ahead because they have the data points to form a strategy rooted in business intelligence. 

The following are ways companies can take advantage of SAP Business One when the economy becomes a challenge. 

Move to the Cloud

Remote access to your SAP B1 environment makes all data available anywhere with an Internet connection. Availability saves money and time. Losing Internet access or power or suffering a ransomware attack at your office could keep you from important data to make decisions for your company if it's not stored on the cloud. Cloud hosting makes all of your information available no matter what happens, which saves money over the long term. 

Automated Order Entries

Consumers have become more tech-savvy and companies need to pivot to allow them to place orders themselves vs. having them email or call in orders. This alleviates employees from those duties so they can focus on others. Using an online shopping cart solution such as Shopify can boost efficiency in ordering exponentially. 

The Importance of Integration

Having great tools in place is crucial for any business, but challenges arise when those tools are disconnected from each other. Whether it’s your CRM platform or a critical industry-specific application, you will end up needing manual workaround processes if all the tools your business uses are not integrated with Business One. Finding a solution that takes care of all your technology integrations will save you countless headaches.

Track Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Fast Decision Making

The vast array of SAP Business One tools and dashboards keep data in view for whenever needed. It allows users to create alerts and dashboards to monitor data points that change daily, making the decision making process easier. If you don’t have live dashboards and alerts yet, consider implementing them now or asking a SAP Business One Consultant about them.

Adjust SAP Processes and Workflows

Warehouse layouts and production staging areas will likely continue to follow social distancing rules for much longer than anyone anticipated. These changes can greatly affect day-to-day operations, so it’s important to adjust SAP processes and workflows for maximum efficiency. 

SAP Business One for Maximum Efficiency in a Changing World

COVID-19 has affected nearly every facet of our lives, and the effects will be long lasting. The companies that will perform the best will be the companies that become more efficient and shift operations to more readily overcome challenges. 

SAP Business One supports companies in a multitude of ways to increase efficiency. With the changing world and economy, companies must adapt to succeed. Having all your CRM and sales data as well as inventory management, financial management, analytics and reporting all in one easy-to-access place makes SAP Business One a powerful tool that takes companies into the future. 
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