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Before the release of the My Classes/Instructor View, many clients struggled with how to give greater system access to instructors - for example. if you wanted to allow instructors to record learning, clients would essentially have to make the instructors admins with access to the LMS back-end. Even with role and domain permissions, many clients did not want to give instructors this type of admin access and were stuck having their learning admins do all the work. With the new front-end access, instructors now have the ability to do many of the more common tasks assigned to admins without ever having to leave BizX.

Initial Set-up

Initial set-up for the instructor view is done by creating an instructor role. Start by going to the LMS admin tools>system admin>security>role management>add new. From here, create the role and chose "instructor" as the role type.

Once the role is created, go to the workflow menu to begin adding permissions.

Access scheduled offerings gives the overall permission to access the My Classes page for instructors and must be selected in order for the remaining functionality to work. The remaining permissions can be decided on individually by clients, but the most recommended permissions to have are to record attendance and learning and to initiate evaluations. From here, just add the instructor role to the instructor's profile and make sure that the instructor has a related user to grant them access.

BizX Access

The instructor user should now have access to their My Classes page to manage their scheduled offerings.

Future Offerings

On the first page, the instructor can see and select their future classes. Selecting the class will display the scheduled offering information and list of enrolled users, for whom they can send an e-mail to right from the system.

Past Offerings

On the past offerings tab, instructors can manage courses that have already taken place. On the "schedule" page of an offering, the instructor can track attendance for learners and push out training evaluations.

Finally, on the user's page, the instructor can record learning for the users.

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