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as we learned from https://blogs.sap.com/2017/02/09/html5-productive-use/ "The functionality required for typical end users is thus now available for productive use in the HTML5 UI".


but all typical end users  are educaded with the siverlight user interfaces, documentation and workbooks contain screenshots with silverlight.

So frequently asked questions are: "where are the common taks?" or "there is no filter in the table anymore, how can we filter?"

common tasks

to Show the common tasks, you have to click to the small symbol next to the workcenter name:

Afterwards you get the list of common Tasks:

maybe now you realize the sence the new launchpad .



first I though "cool.." and then I saw my old workcenter "Home"... but with the common tasks, the launchpad is a meaningful extention.

I can add them like the old shortcuts and navigate directly to them after opening the system or when I'm to lazy to scroll to the right workcenter.


Adding a Task:


Filter tables

where is the good old filter ?

Now you can filter seperately by column: click to the column head and you see the new filter additional to your sorting options:




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