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How to write a user exit for validation and substitution. Sometime there is a requirement which we can achieve only with the help of technical team. Here I am explaining how a functional guy can make some basic user exit and ask ABAP team to write the correct logic.


This document aims to identify and describe all steps associated with the user exit during validation & Substitution. In addition, This document will be used as a key communication who want to explore the possibilities in Validation & Substitution by ABAP.

Audience – This will help functional consultant.


T code – GGB1

Create a substitution rule like ZXXXXXXX

Write a prerequisite condition for the rule.

Write a substitution and mention the user exit

There is standard program available for Validation/Substitution, we need to copy these and make our Z program and assign these Z program to Application area

T code – GXC2

GBLR - RGGBR000 (Validation-Standard)

GBLS - RGGBS000 (Substitution-Standard)


Write your logic in Z program with mentioned user exit with help of ABAP

Here I am mentioning standard for reference.


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