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User exit for Vendor Name Validation in XK01 Transaction.

By Sagar dev


In case we vendor creation enter the vendor name in the same vendor name all ready exits should get error/warning message. In XK01 (vendor name already exist with another vendor code).

Step by step Solution: 

Go to transaction “CMOD”.

Click On Create Button.

Define Short Text and Package.

Enter Name of an SAP enhancement – SAPMF02K.

Click on Components -

Double Click On - EXIT_SAPMF02K_001

Double Click On  include zxf05u01.

We have to implement the code and it will looks like this. 

*&  Include           ZXF05U01

***************************************Data Declaration

data : v_name1 type lfa1-name1.
tables : lfa1, lfb1.

types : begin of ty_lfa1,
type lfa1-name1,
end of ty_lfa1,

begin of ty_lfb1,
type lfb1-lifnr,
end of ty_lfb1.

data : it_lfa1 type standard table of ty_lfa1,
type ty_lfa1.

data : it_lfb1 type standard table of ty_lfb1,
type ty_lfb1.

if sy-tcode = 'XK01'. “ tcode
if i_lfb1-bukrs = ''.” company code
select lifnr
into table it_lfb1
from lfb1
where bukrs = ''. ” company code

if it_lfb1[] is not initial.
select name1
into table it_lfa1
from lfa1
for all entries in it_lfb1
where lifnr = it_lfb1-lifnr.

sort it_lfa1[].

if i_lfa1-name1 is not initial.
loop at it_lfa1 into wa_lfa1.
if wa_lfa1-name1 = i_lfa1-name1.
message e899(f2) with wa_lfa1-name1 'Vendor Name Already Exist With Another Vendor Code'.
clear wa_lfa1.

Activate the code and exit.

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