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Useless SAP PA certificate, do we still need to get it?



I have worked in the sap consulting industry for more than 15 years. When I first entered the SAP consultancy industry, I was eager to learn SAP module knowledge. The company also attached great importance to SAP training. Every year, there were much training budget to arrange many SAP standard training or SAP PA training. Thanks to the company's soft benefits, I have participated in SAP MM PA training and examination, WM standard training, SAP QM PA examination, and got SAP MM and SAP QM PA certificates. These training and examination fees are paid by the company, so I am still very grateful to the company.


In the past decade or so, I have participated in the implementation and maintenance support of more than 20 projects, including projects of private enterprises and global projects of the world's top 500 companies. I have worked in both Party A and Party B. Since 2015, I have been an SAP freelancer for almost 7 years. To be honest, I have never received extra points because of my SAP PA certificates, when I am looking for a job or a project. No customer or project has ever asked me what PA certificates I have. I have never received special treatment or benefits because of my SAP PA certificates. That is to say, my SAP PA certificate has been kept at home and has never been used. It can be considered useless.


The only advantage of taking the sap PA certificate is that in the process of preparing for the PA examination, you need to learn and understand all the standard functions of the module, and all the knowledge points should be involved. You should understand all the functions, whether they are frequently used or seldom used in SAP projects. By preparing for the examination, you need to urge youself to study this module carefully and comprehensively, which is the only effect of SAP PA certificate on personal value and core competitiveness.


Those who take the SAP PA certificate are generally beginners who have just entered the profession for less than 5 years. A Senior SAP Consultant probably won't take the PA certificate, but a studious SAP Consultant will certainly maintain a strong interest and thirst for knowledge in SAP PA textbooks. Never too old to learn is also applicable to SAP consulting practitioners, and the PA certificate is also a process experienced by many junior SAP peers.


In a word, the SAP PA certificate is basically useless after you get it, but it will be a lifelong benefit to learn SAP module knowledge in order to get the PA certificate.






Written on June 24, 2022
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