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This document aims at providing the direct transaction codes for configuration of SAP Quality Management Module.

Quality ModuleSAP QM Customization ActivityTransaction Code
Basic SettingsSetting Up clientsQCCC/ Y/ P/ S/ K/ W/ Z/ M/ U/ T/ F/ N
QM in LogisticsDefine Keys for Certificate ProcessingQCC0/OQB6
QM in LogisticsDefine Document TypesQCC0/OQBB/OQBC
QM in LogisticsDefine QM SystemsOQB7
QM in LogisticsDefine Status of Supply RelationshipsBS02
QM in LogisticsDefine List VariantsOQBA
Quality PlanningEdit CatalogsQS41/QS51
Quality PlanningDefine Number Range-Inspection Characteristics, Inspection MethodQS29/QS39
Quality PlanningDefine List VariantsOQIU/OQIT
Quality PlanningDefine Number Range-Sample, SPCQG09
Quality PlanningDefine Overview VariantsOQP1
Quality PlanningMaintain Profiles for Default ValuesOQ84/OQ85
Quality PlanningDefine Field SelectionOP5A/OP5B/OP5D/OP5E/OP5H
Quality PlanningMaintain Parameters for Task List TypeOQ62/OQ63
Quality PlanningCopy Inspection Plan from External SystemSXDA
Quality PlanningDefine Reduction Startegies for SchedulingOPJS
Quality PlanningMaintain Standard Text KeysCA10
Quality PlanningDefine Work AreasOQ77
Quality InspectionMaintain Number Ranges-Inspection Lot CreationQA09
Quality InspectionMaintain Catalogs for Usage DecisionQS41/QS51
Quality InspectionDefine Follow-up ActionsQCC0/BS33
Quality InspectionTransfer Inspection Decision to BatchBMSM
Quality InspectionDefine Status ProfileBS02
Quality InspectionDefine Appraisal Cost RecordingQCC0/OPK4/QCC0
Quality InspectionDefine Number Range-Sample ManagementQP48/QP49
Quality InspectionDefine Print Control, Forms, Print ProgramsCQ85
Quality InspectionDefine Number Ranges for Characteristis Confirmation-Results RecordingQE29
Quality InspectionRecord Results on the InternetQEW01V
Quality InspectionDefine Variants (List View Function)OQI4/ F/ G/ F/ I/ O/ N/ P/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 9/ J/ V/ A
Quality InspectionDefine Variants (Without List View Function)OQIS/ R/ Q/ E/ D/ C/ 8
Quality InspectionActivate Workflow TemplateOQIZ
Quality CertificatesDefine Status Profile for Certificate ProfilesBS02
Quality CertificatesMaintain FormSE71
Quality CertificatesEdit Condition Tables for Profile DeterminationOQZ7/OQZ8/OQZ9
Quality CertificatesEdit Condition Tables for Output DeterminationV/59,V/60,V/61
Quality CertificatesDefine Condition Types for Output DeterminationV/34
Quality CertificatesDefine Exclusion ConditionsV/27
Quality CertificatesDefine Partner For Each OutputQCC0/VOPAN
Quality CertificatesSet Print ParametersVP01SHP
Quality CertificatesDefine Variants for Selection ReportOVNN
Quality CertificatesDefine Batch RequestOVNM
Quality CertificatesDeifne PartnersWE20
Quality CertificatesActivate Workflow TemplateOQCZ
Quality NotificationsDefine Number Ranges-Notification TypesIW20
Quality NotificationsMaintain CatalogsQS41
Quality NotificationsDefine Partner Determination ProceduresVOP2/QCC0
Quality NotificationsDefine Fields for Partner ListsOIR1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Quality NotificationsDefine Response MonitoringQCC0/OIMF
Quality NotificationsDefine Action BoxQCCO/BS33
Quality NotificationsDefine Follow-UP Actions for TasksQCCO/BS33
Quality NotificationsDefine Download OIDV/SM59/
Quality NotificationsDefine Status ProfileOIBS
Quality NotificationsDefine Variants for Single-Level ListsOQNC/OQND/OQNE/OQNF
Quality NotificationsChoose Fields for Multiple-Level ListsOQNL,OQNM,OQNN,OQNO,OQNP,OQNU
Quality NotificationsActivate Workflow TemplateOQNW/OKYI
Quality NotificationsDefine Notification TypeOQN6
Test Equipment
Define List VariantsOQIV,OQIW,OQIX,
Stability StudyDefine Bill of Material UsageOS20
Stability StudyDefine Number Range-Testing Schedule for Stability StudyIP20
Stability StudyDefine Number Ranges-Notification Type and Catalogs (Stability)IW20
Stability StudyDefine Screen TemplatesQCC0/OIMN/OQM1,2,3,4
Stability StudyMaintain CatalogsQS41
Stability StudyDefine Partner Determination ProceduresVOP2
Stability StudyDefine Fields for Partner ListsOIR1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Stability StudyDefine Action BoxBS33
Stability StudyDefine DownloadOIDV/SM59/
Stability StudyDeifne Status ProfileQCC0/OIBS
EnvironmentDefine Text FormatsSE75
EnvironmentSupplement Units of Measurement and Units of MeasureCUNI
EnvironmentDefine User AutorizationsSU02/SU03
EnvironmentMaintain QM Order TypesKOT2/QCC0
EnvironmentDefine Status ProfileQCC0/OIBS
EnvironmentActivate WorkflowOOCU/OQIZ/OQNW/OQCZ
EnvironmentAdapt Search HelpAD20
EnvironmentAdapt Field SelectionOQFA
EnvironmentDisplay Overview of FormOQ02
EnvironmentDelete Protocols from Application LogSLG2
EnvironmentEvaluate Table HistorySCMP/SCU0/SCU3
EnvironmentFunctional Enhancement (Customer Exit)CMOD
Stabilty StudyBusiness Add-In for Display of Data for Usage Decision on SubscreenBD64,82,61/QCC0

Note: SPRO transaction code needs to be used where direct transaction code is not mentioned.

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