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Global Business Consulting, Inc., the pioneering firm in the world of advanced SAP AI-based solutions, has once again set a benchmark in the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) tools within the corporate landscape. After their groundbreaking introduction of the first SAP-based AI-driven solution built around OpenAI's ChatGPT, they have now unveiled an innovative plugin tailored exclusively for ChatGPT Plus, OpenAI's premium offering.

This revolutionary plugin offers seamless integration capabilities, allowing businesses to leverage the extensive potential of ChatGPT Plus directly. With its state-of-the-art design, the plugin optimizes the user training experience, ensuring swift responses, high-level accuracy, and the adaptability that enterprises seek. This tool is set to redefine how organizations interact with guardrails-based secure AI, presenting an interface that's efficient and more reliable than ever before.

However, it's essential to note that while the plugin itself is made available at no cost, its full functionality requires a paid Plus subscription. This approach ensures that users get the premium features and advanced capabilities associated with the ChatGPT Plus platform.

To access the plugin just log in to your ChatGPT Plus and search for SAP:


How to find the AI4ERP Plugin


Once you activate the plugin, you can speak to the AI plugin using natural languages like English, Spanish etc:


How to Invoke the AI4ERP plugin


After this, you can chat with the plugin as you normally would:


Learning about a Transaction Code


Continue the conversation to learn about business processes and Fiori tiles and anything else you may want to learn about SAP:


A sample Business Process: Hire to Retire


From here, we can work the the plugin further, get details as needed. Thus, the benefit is that the AI4ERP plugin teaches SAP to business users with guardrails to prevent misuse, which makes it ideal for corporations who hesitate to use ChatGPT directly for fear of losing their intellectual property to the Internet.

The source code is open source and qualified developers may clone it from:  https://github.com/OnlineGBC/ai4erp.git.  All code is in nodejs and python and may be implemented on SAP’s BTP platform as well.

Additional customization of the product is billable.  For more details, please contact GBC Support for their product AI4ERP (SAP Edition), share your thoughts in the comments below or follow and contact the author, sraja.gopalan