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If you have multiple chart of depreciation and same asset class is used but there is no configuration done for chart of depreciation dependent.  So in this case, the account determination which is used in the asset class will have impact on all chart of depreciation. Hence, change of any GL accounts in AO90 transaction for the account determination is not good as it will impact all the chart of depreciation.

Let’s take an example,

Asset class is 110 (Buildings) and Account determination (A110) is configured for this asset class.

Chart of depreciation is CDIN (India) and CDFR(France).

The asset class 110 is both used by India and France. Now there was a problem to change the GL accounts in the account determination level.

Normally, for each asset class , there is an account determination is configured but remember that, the account determination is not specific to any chart of depreciation. So this account determination is applicable for all chart of depreciation. Please refer the screen shot below

So best way to do in SAP is that to configure the chart of depreciation dependent data. So in this case, they can have the different accounts for which they require as per the country and it will be specific to the chart of depreciation.

Go to the below menu path and select specify account determination

Create a new account determination for India and France as we have different chart of depreciation.

After creating the new account determination, go to the transaction code ANK1 and select the particular asset class, then click on “chart of depreciation –dependent data”

Here, click on new entries

Enter the chart of depreciation and new account determination. So that, this will be specific for this chart of depreciation.

The different GL accounts can be maintained for the same asset class by way of using chart of depreciation dependent data. I would like to recommend this to implement this at the initial stage if there is a multiple chart of deprecation.

Remember, the account determination is not specific to any chart of deprecation unless it is defined in the chart of deprecation dependent configuration.

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