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Dear Readers,

This Blog will cover how to use " Import Financial Plan Data " Fiori Application for Projects with different currencies for " Project Planning "

  • I assume Readers are aware of basic Function/Feature of this application.

Prerequisites :

  1. Necessary Configuration for Project System

  2. Availability of Master Data

  3. Maintain Category for Planning

  4. Download the Template " Project Planning "  via Download Template button located in " Import Financial Plan Data " application

Case 1 : Use of Global Currency / Controlling Area Currency

  • Default Downloaded Template has below layout and Last Two Column represents Amount and Currency related to Global Currency / Controlling Area Currency

  • Lets put the Required Master Data and Values ( Plan Cost, Revenue )  in Template

  • Once data filled up into Template, file needs to be imported in application

  • System Will do different checks and upload the data in ACDOCP Table

  • To Transfer the values from ACDOCP Table to CO Table  Program : R_FINS_PLAN_TRANS_CO_S4H_2_ERP to be executed

Case 2 : Use of Company Code Currency

  • For Certain business case , Project is not using the CO Area currency but using the company code currency to plan the values

  • To meet this requirement, we need to change the Last Two Column as highlighted below and run the cycle.

Tip : If Controlling Area Setting has " Diff. CCode Currency " Check-box enable, then this template works as Object Currency Planning as Object Currency and Company Code is same for this case.

Case 3 : Use of Transaction Currency

  • To Plan Values against Transaction Currency, Below template should be followed and then transaction needs to perform.



By using above methods we can utilize " Import Financial Plan Data " Application for " Project Planning " in different currency.

Pro Tip : " Project Budgeting " of this application is not linked with PS Budget function, Its is dedicated to SAC Based Project Budgeting Function which allows G/L Level Budgeting.


Please, let me know if anyone have doubt or I missed something.

Your suggestions are most welcome.

Cheers for EPPM Community…!!!


Akash Khandelwal




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