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It’s often to use infotype fields validate to process different logics in payroll PCR. Here, a requirement which need to validate Nationality to calculate pension for Saudi Arabia Region.

Personnel Calculation Rule for Pension :

Saudi Nationals: 12% of Basic + HRA contribution from company and 10% of Basic + HRA contribution from employee (Employee contribution to be deducted and shown on the pay slip)

Other Nationals: 2% of Basic + HRA contribution from company only (no deduction from employee)

Step 1. Maintained Payroll Constants for above.

Step 2. Created PCR ZPKO for fetching BASIC and HRA and added to 9914 and 9915 in order to calculate pension .

Step 3. Created PCR ZPNO as below.

For fetching Nationality in Infotype 2 PCR using operation TABLE<infotype structure name> e.g TABLEP0002,

Then use VARGB<field name> e.g. VARGBNATIO.

NATIO field contains nationality data of the employee in infotype 2.

Step 4. Inserted under subschema ZAK9 copy of XAP9

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