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Introduction:- Account modifier is important functionality given by SAP for EBS. It helps to map different GLs for the single external business transaction and posting rule.

In this scenario, NCMI is the BTC(GBO Code) for incoming receipt. Client has two bank account numbers in HDFC bank. Now client wants to post in main bank account and sub bank account GL for one bank account number and in different main bank account and sub bank account for another bank account number. Please note that since both the bank account numbers are in HDFC, bank statement format is same. NCMI is for incoming payment in both the bank account numbers bank statement.

Related Important Configuration Steps: -

  1. House Bank Configuration T-CODE-FI12

We have created one house bank (HDFC) and two account IDs. Account ID HDFI is for 12345678910 bank account number and account ID HFCC is for 00123456789 bank account number.

1. House Bank

         2. Assign account symbol to GL number -T-CODE-OT83

This is one of the EBS configuration step. In this we have mapped GL- 107012 with account modifier HDCC and GL-107013 with account modifier HDFI. This account modifier can be any random identification alphanumeric code. If system does not fulfil account modifier criteria (which will cover in search string) then it will go to GL ending with +++++++++4 for incoming bank sub-GL.

2.Account symbol and GL numbers

       3.Define Posting Rule-T-CODE-OT83

We are debiting main bank GL and crediting incoming bank sub-GL under posting area 1 and posting rule 1000.

3. Posting Rule

     4.Assign external transaction type to posting rule-T-CODE-OT83

NCMI is the external business transaction being used for incoming receipt.

4.Assign external transaction type to posting rule

       5.Configuration of Search String -T-CODE-OTPM

         5.1 Define search string definition

          We need to find out fixed information in the bank statement in tag 86 in both the bank account numbers statement. We get 11-digit bank account numbers in the tag 86.Therefore, search string is 11 times hash which is dynamic. Text can not be dynamic and it has to be directly given in place of hash. This is search string limitation.

5.1 Search String Definition


           5.2 Usage of Search String

Our external business transaction is NCMI for incoming receipt, target field is account modifier EBKMOD and Mapping prefix is HDFI and HDCC which is given in step 2 assign account number to account symbol.

5.2 Search String Use

      6. Upload Bank statement number – T-CODE – FF_5

Below is the bank statement for the bank account number 12345678910. Below highlighted is the common bank account number is populated in tag 86.

6. MT940 file format for our bank account number - 12345678910


Upload Bank statement - T-CODE - FF_5

6. Bank statement upload and its journal entries


Now upload bank statement for bank account number 00123456789.

6. Bank statement upload and its journal entries


Conclusion:- Bank incoming GLs are picked based on the bank account numbers. Account modifier can also be achieved by enhancement. It is an hypothetical case and same requirement could be achieved other way around. Please share how you have used account modifier functionality in your organization. Your feedback and suggestion is always welcome.

Best Regards,

Harihar Prasad Kewat
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