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A great deal of uncertainty and complexity are involved when usage decision in QM is interfaced with handling unit management and warehouse management and there is no such document available in SCN which by and large talks about this.

The conceptualization of this blog is to de-mystify the complexity where there is interface of WM-HUM-QM and to add more complexity I am adding PP as well. So,this blog will have 4 modules interface PP-WM-HUM-QM and under which circumstances this scenario can be used.


Recently, a customer approached us to improve there their existing production business. Material are produced which are batch managed and after production, produced batches are packed by a packing machine in Drums which calls for quality inspection once they are packed. Usage decision needs to conducted for packed  batches which are available in drums( Batches+drums=Handling unit). Once HUs are packed, subsequent transportation of SUs from interim location to  destination storage bin.

So, starting our journey from creation Production order, packing production with handling units, goods receipt of HUs, transportation of Storage Units(SUs) by putting away the HUs, Usage decision of HUS assigned in Inspection lots and subsequent Material document postings or Posting change delivery creation, we will check each and every aspect of this complex topic.

Sometimes, a posting change delivery is created when UD  is done to move product from QI to Unrestricted and sometimes no Delivery is created and only a Material Document is created. I will explain in which circumstances posting change delivery is created and in which condition only material document is generated.

Pre-requisite and Configuration:

In order to inspect handling units in QM, the following prerequisites must be fulfilled.

  • In customizing, the transfer posting movement type 321 from QI to unrestricted,field should not be de-activated. SPRO-->Logistics general--Handling unit management-->Basics-->Materials management-->Inventory management-->Set QM Check and Delivery Type for Each Movement Type


  • In material master of the material for the HU, for the respective inspection type, Post to Inspection stock and Post to HU stock should be marked.


Which Inspection types carry HUS?


Process Flow:

SAP says there are 2 ways of conducting a usage decision with inspection lots having handling units assigned in warehouse management.

Method 1) Conduct UD in storage types which allows direct posting change of the handling units.( Material document generation)

Method 2) Conduct UD in storage types which doesn't allow direct posting change of the handling units.( Posting change delivery generation)

If we need to conduct the whole process in flow diagram, below flowchart encapsulates the 2 way Usage decision and transportation of Storage units(HU becomes SU in warehouse during Putaway).



Method 1: Storage Type which allows direct Posting change

  1. Create a process order COR1


2) Pack the order in handling unit COWBPACK. Automatic packing is called in background as per packaging instruction maintained.I have done Automatic packing configuration already. Once its is packed, Quality Lots will be generated during packing as highlighted


3) inspection lot is visible in QA33 with status HUM meaning handling units have been assigned to Inspection lot. One inspection can carry multiple HUs.


4) Post GR of HUS with COWBHUWE.

3 Hus will be posted because automatic packaging equation is 1:2( 1 FG will packed into 2 Boxes)

5) Lets check the MMBE stock of 6 pcs which is available in QI stock type


6) Lets check the WM stock in LS26. 6 pcs of material 8-3 is available at 901 interim storage type with stock category as Q which needs to be picked from 901 and to be put-awayed at 866. Whenever you find some quantity as picking qty and put-away qty, it means transfer order needs to be confirmed as TO is open. In general term, it means the corresponding interim quants and storage units which are created for handling units, needs to be transported. The transportation of Storage units(SUs) is carried out by LT12 which places SUs into storage bins of the respective storage types, in our case it is 866


7) Check the BIN status report to view the interim Quants and Storage units in warehouse.


Before we proceed, lets check the 2 mandatory configuration for storage types allowing direct posting change 

a) In SPRO as highlighted, it is available

b) The combination of warehouse and interim storage type, Posting change is allowed for 901 Storage type as below.


C) Also the indicator should be makred for ''Propose posting change at storage bin'' for the storage type where material will be temporarily placed before SU is putaway.


Lets try to conduct Usage decision before Puaway, see how system respond. Put the Usage decison code as accepted


Before we post UD, it is very important to understand which is more powerful Handling unit or inspection or who controls each other.
Movement Control for Handling Unit

If an inspection lot is assigned to a HU, the inspection lot controls the allowed movements for the HU. The following criteria are important for deciding whether postings are allowed:

  • Status “Inspection lot in inspection/usage decision made”

  • Usage decision code

  • Quality score

    If the above criteria are met, posting of inspection lot with Hus can be free done.


Lets try to post the UD. Handling units have been assigned to inspection stock and they are being posted to Unrestricted Use stock


We get an error message while posting UD. System is saying that Posting is not allowed due to Open TO. Any idea why system behaved like this???


The reason behind is that there 2 process in warehouse management when it is interfaced with quality management.

  1. Putaway before UD

  2. Putaway after UD

Our case is Putaway before UD which is configured at back end

A QM control indicator must be defined which controls how the stock placement is handled. So we need to confirm the transfer order and then UD should be posted


If we check the Open TOs, system will suggest in LT22 that these Storage units needs to be transported to the storage bin( Practically SUs are in interim storage bin which is equal to process order number as only Stock category Q is changing)

Confirm the open transfer orders in LT12. I have done this and lets check the status in LT22


Post the UD and check the inspection lot status( UD is allowed after Putaway).

Stock posting is complete and all inspection completed, handling units assigned.


Check the IM stock now in MMBE. Stock is available in unrestricted use stock now.


And you can observe that Material document has been posted in MIGO not a posting change delivery with movement type 321. The UD puts the material into 866 storage type with destination storage bin.


Finally, lets check the Bin status report in LX03. SUs are finally placed in storage bins


Hence the Part-I of this topic ends here. The more complex part where Posting change delivery is generated after Usage decision will be covered in Part-II.

I would like readers comment or any improvement required in this article or any corrections required.

Appreciate all readers reply and suggestions.



SAP KBA:667559 - Usage decision with HUM and WM active




Best regards

Shailesh Mishra
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