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During data migration projects,General Task List is complex object to upload in SAP.Normally most of the users face problem in uploading long text for Task List Header and its operations.

0. Identify the relevant attributes for Task List source structures by manual creation of General Task List using IA05.Only the following sources structures with mandatory attributes have been considered for this article.

    • Task List Header (TL_ID    PLNNR    PLNAL    KTEXT    ARBPL    WERKS    STATU)
    • Task List Long Text (TL_ID    TXPARGRAPH    TXLINE)
    • Task List Operations (TL_ID    OP_ID    VORNR    ARBPL    STEUS    WERKS    LTXA1)
    • Task List Operation Long Text (TL_ID    OP_ID    TXPARGRAPH    TXLINE)
    • Material for Task List Operations (TL_ID    OP_ID    IDNRK)

    1.  Maintain Object Attributes through LSMW transaction code


2.     Maintain Source Structures

3.     Maintain Source Fields

TL_ID and OP_ID has been used for identification the unique task list and its operations.TL_ID is required in operation source structure so operations can be correlate with individual task list and OP_ID has been used in Task List Component and Task List Operation Long Text sources structures so materials and long text for each operation can be specified.

4.    Maintain Structure Relations

5.    Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules (Refer to the attachment)

6.    Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User-Defined Routines (Don't need to maintain anything)

7.     Specify Files

8.     Assign Files

9.     Read Data (Just Run it)

10.     Display Read Data (Don't need to run it unless required)

11.     Convert Data (Just Run it)

12.     Display Converted Data (Don't need to run it unless required)

13.     Create Batch Input Session (Maintain like the following and Run it)

14.     Run Batch Input Session


Short description for task list header and operation are overwritten by long text description.I find quick fix for it by including short description as first line in long text source file.

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