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Dear all,

This is the first document I am preparing for SCN. I had a requirement for uploading photo in ESS Employee Profile & PA30. Unfortunately the customer don't have Content Server or DMS. When I searched through SCN many of the discussions concluding like we need Basis help (Content Server) for uploading photo in PA30.

When I thoroughly checked all the SCN Documents on photo upload, I got some idea from 1 discussion that we can upload photo without content server. So in this document I am explaining how to do it (without the help of a Basis Guy).

I hope this document will be helpful for ESS/MSS & HCM Consultants.

Initially you have to check the following :

1. Document type HRICOLFOTO must exist with document class JPG.

    Transaction code: OAC2

    Table TOAVE

2  Document type HRICOLFOTO must be linked to object type PREL and Infotype 0002.

    Transaction code: SM31

    Table V_T585O (View)

Before configuring, when I try to upload the photo using OAAD, I got the error like "Repository A2 not accessible by HTTP"

Now In  OAC0 T-Code, I couldn't  find Content Repository A2.

So click on new entries and create a content repository A2 with the following details.

Now in T-code SICF, you need to activate the content server.

Double-click on "content server" in the left hand tree structure. You can find it under default_host -> sap -> bc --> content server

Before that you need to create a user profile - with sufficient authorizations to carry out the processes which are done by the system in the background. Ideally this should be a background user for a notional/dummy user. You can use your own user ID after which SAP will warn you that this is a dialogue user account. If you do use your own user ID, change it as soon as you have tested the config. Once you have finished the project, the chances are that your user account will be deleted from the system which will subsequently stop this service from working.

Once you have done this click on the refresh icon and make sure that the service is activated. If it is activated, the writing should be in bold (as opposed to greyed out).

Now if we use the T-Code OAAD for upload. It will successfully get uploaded, You can see that in PA30 , Extras-> Display all facsimiles, but it will not display directly in PA30. For that you have to do the following.

Check the settings for the below three tables: Header

  1. 1. Assignment infotype à screen header (T582A)
  2. 2. Assignment screen header à header modifier (T588I)
  3. 3. Definition of headers (T588J) - A Sample entry could look like below

               01   1     75  0001    PERNR     PIC   0    

You can see the discussion here : Employee photo not displaying in PA30

Now all settings has done. Now we will check the output.

Goto T-code OAAD.

Click on Store and Assign :

Give the Business object as PREL & Document type as HRICOLFOTO and click on create (F8).

Give the Personnel Number & Infotype as 0002 and click on enter.

Select the photo you want to upload.

Now the document has created successfully.

Now if you go & check in PA30, Personnel Number : 73,  you can see

Now the photo will reflect in ESS also. We need to maintain infotype 105 0001.

By this I completed my 1st document in SCN.

If there is any problem in what I have done or any comments please comment on this.