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SAP Crystal 2008 upgrade to 2013 - subreports and else


Migrating current version Crystal 2008 into SAP Crystal 2013. It will take much time to sort out all company Crystal report files, testing Several issues from Crystal 2013 Editor or SAP B1.

1. Default field value,  Better not setup Default values, otherwise it will be limited to using default values only in SAP B1.

2. Sub-reports,  some reports need to split and save as Subreports for all of them, otherwise, it can't be opened in SAP B1, system error pops !

3. Some reports need to re-save the files into 2013 version,  due to Crystal Report editor alerts  'The report could not be opened for writing.'

4. SAP B1 - Administration - System Initial - Menu Structure - "New" subfolders,  for example \AR Crystals.

5. SAP B1 - Administration - Setup - General - Report and Layout Manager - Import every Crystal reports to related subfolders or new subfolder.

6. Under SAP B1 tools\ Preview external Crystal report, check any issue encountered!!

7. Finally import Crystal into SAP.

8. Edit Crystal reports with new function feature - parameters using SQL tokens Including Item, Customer, Supplier, Account Code, Project Code, Users, and UDF etc. Several examples as pictures pasted below.


9. Reorder Crystal Reports in SAP menu -- either re-import the Crystal or revise the report information in "Report and Layout manager" function. then the report will be put into the last.