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Understanding the SAP's new strategy: Simplification


SAP CEO Bill McDermott has announced  in SAP's annual Sapphire Conference in Orlando that, SAP need to help customers by simplifying their technology landscapes and processes. Key to success has been declared by him : Simplification.


So what is simple?


" not involved or complicated; easy to understand or do "


Unfortunately is SAP is complex and complicated, because business is complex and complicated. Or we approach to all business problems and issues, assuming that they are complex and completed, we had believe that only way to mitigate or resolve risks and issues to accept that they are complex. We had developed detailed and complex structures to cover all the business needs, we did it mostly, however we did not pay attention who will consume these systems. Business users the "consumers" they want to simply access the solution from anywhere, on anytime, by any device in this era.


Let me give an example alexandrudorin.oprea has posted a very good blog regarding have complex business scenarios might be offered in a very simple way by using SAP's new technologies and products, like HANA and Fiori. Please check this post http://scn.sap.com/community/business-suite/blog/2014/06/23/real-time-value-for-manufacturing-powere... he is explaining how complex MRP process can transformed into a simple and real time fun. In the final paragraph he makes the shot :


"The new MRP run powered by SAP HANA enable the MRP planner to have immediate and direct access to the latest data in real time. The MRP Cockpit allows for quick and meaningful insights and enables the MRP planner to take immediate action. Everything is now fast and simple!"


Also we need to decrease required startup and implementation time and cost for the customers who wants to use SAP solutions in order to leverage their business. By enabling SAP to start easy and fast, many new names may get benefit from the SAP's unique value added solutions and products.


Just look at the nature it self, every creature is so complex, complicated, however very simple to see, feel, smell or touch. For example olive, when you need to consume olive, you just go to a marketplace, get some and consume. However olive itself is very complex. Olive is an evergreen oleaceous tree, Olea europaea, of the Mediterranean region but cultivated elsewhere, having white fragrant flowers, and edible shiny black fruits, the fruit of this plant, eaten as a relish and used as a source of olive oil. Beneath this simple fruit, nature has a very complex and complicated production plant, there are billions of chemical reactions. But when the tree needs to face the consumer, offers simple and valuable result: olive.


Now assume that you are the new owner of a big and old olive tree field. Each and every olive tree is your main asset, you need to know every detail regarding each individual tree. You need a solution in order to register, manage, all the details such as age, production capacity, past harvest quantities, required treatments, etc... This solution should run very simple, since you can not establish a datacenter in a village. This solution should be available 7/24 from anywhere to access, also you need the solution now !  How easy to get this solution and how much you should pay? Please try to answer.


Most of the readers of this blog will answer the question, with negative acknowledgement for sure. However, answer is easy; SAP's Success Factors is the cure for you. Just subscribe and start to use, only thing that you need to do is replacing your employees with olive trees :smile:


I know this is a fantasy, but we are in a era that we need to think different, simple and without boundaries.
If we can loose gravity (complexity, boundaries in minds...) means G -, we can make olive --> Go-live :smile:


Please check the http://experience.sap.com/


You'll find more stories regarding the simplification.