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four times in a year we receive  a new version of the cloud application studio. We get new features, that's great, but have also to configure all settings and connections again.

Connections and Registry

After the installation of a new Sap Cloud Application Studio Version, I need to login once, thereafter the Studio will create all registry entries.

In the registry navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/SAP/SAPCloudApplicationsStudio/”CURRENT_STUDIO_VERSION” /DialogPage/SAP.Copernicus.CopernicusOptionPage

There you will find most of the settings, for example the SystemConnections.

You can copy the content of the SystemConnections from an old to a new version, so you don’t have to enter them all manually again.

If you would like to share the connections, for example with your development colleagues, you can export the entry through: File -> Export and send it to colleagues.

This is an example export which your colleagues can import in their registry with only a double-click.

Setting- and Cache-Files

Further settings and data are stored in:

Here are some basic config files as example whether the line numbers are visible or not.

C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\SAP Cloud Applications Studio 1902

Be aware that you can destroy your studio or parts of it when you do not allowed changes in setting files.

Userdata of the Studio are stored at:


For example the projects and file caches are stored in the subfolder projects, this could be relevant if you got a failure during loading of large solutions.


Settings in the cloud studio

Some settings which I still do manually for each installation are:

Configuring the color in the settings: Administration > Options > Environment > Font and Colors

And displaying the line numbers in the editor Text Editor -> All Languages


In the common visual studio it's possible to change preferences for the Autoformatter  (ctrl + k, ctrl + d), but so far I have not found this option in the settings files.


These are my common setting tasks with each new version. What are yours? Do you have similar hints to make the update process easier?
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