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SuccessFactors offers a seamless integration between Recruiting Management, Onboarding and Employee Central and very often customers would expect a solution that give them a flexibility to bypass Onboarding process for some of their new hires and continue their new hire processing using Onboarding for the rest. In my opinion this is a typical scenario for any sales sector or any other industry where the number of new recruits are very high (as close to 200 hires per month!) and the turn around time to recruit is less.

It is interesting to note that SuccessFactors does support this kind of integration and the kind of picture we are drawing for our customers is this-

The simple configuration trick to note here is the ability to bypass Onboarding for some Job Requisitions on the basis of filter fields defined in the Job Requisition Templates.

I would like to talk about each one of these integrations in detail –

RCM to EC Integration -

A high level process overview of this kind of integration is -

The mapping configuration details are as below -

Mapping configurations between RCM and EC -

This is done by following the below path –

Provisioning -> Managing Recruiting -> Import/Export Candidate to Employee Integration Template

The following EC objects can receive data from RCM -

  • personalInfo
  • personInfo
  • emailInfo
  • phoneInfo
  • imInfo
  • recurringPayComponents  
  • nonRecurringPayComponents
  • jobInfo
  • compInfo
  • employmentInfo
  • emergencyContactInfo
  • nationalId

For more details, please refer the implementation guide.

RCM to ONB to EC integration –

A high level process overview of this kind of integration is -

The mapping configuration details are as follows -

Mapping Configurations – RCM to ONB

The configurations are taken care in Onboarding Integration Setup” and fields can be mapped from Job Application, Job Requisition and Job Offer from Recruitment to Onboarding.

Mapping Configurations – ONB to EC

This is done by either of the two ways –

(1) Either navigate to Provisioning -> Onboarding settings -> Import Export for EC Integration templates.

(2) Using the BizX Mapping Tool by navigating to admin tools -> Field mapping tool for Onboarding to EC.

Below are the supported entities for mapping between ONB to EC.

  • personalInfo
  • globalInfo
  • nationalIdCard
  • homeAddress
  • employmentInfo
  • jobInfo
  • payComponentRecurring
  • payComponentNonRecurring
  • phoneInfo
  • employmentInfo
  • jobRelationsInfo

The simple configuration steps to enable both integration types in the same instance for different Job Requisition Flows –

(1)  Go to admin tools and here we find the option to choose to apply onboarding to selected job requisitions based on the filter fields –

(2)  After this setting, we will find two options under the “Manage Pending Hires”. Assuming all prerequisites to make a candidate eligible to sit under “Manage Pending Hires” have been met, the candidates who are a part of job requisitions that allow onboarding appear under “Onboarding” and the candidates who are a part of Job requisitions that do not allow onboarding appear under “Recruiting”.

In my view , Couple of points to note for any consultant suggesting this kind of an integration.

Why should anyone suggest this kind of integration?

  • For customers who choose to bypass onboarding for some departments within their organization.
  • For customers hiring mostly blue collars who may not be tech savvy.
  • For customers who want to roll out the onboarding process only for some countries.

Things to be kept in mind while opting for this kind of integration?

  • The definition of filter fields in the Job requisitions become critical as this defines the criteria for allowing Onboarding.
  • Since the same instance would support RCM to EC integration and RCM to ONB to EC integration, the mapping and integration of fields should be well thought out and discussed with the customer during the workshops so the user experience is satisfying for both the candidate as well as the HRs adding the new hires to EC.
  • The golden rule to setup any integration is to keep it simple and map only the required fields to start with. Once integration is executed successfully, additional fields can be mapped.
  • We need to keep in mind that we can ONLY push someone from RCM to ONB or from RCM to EC, not to both. In other words, you can’t push the same person from RCM into both systems.

       Best practice always suggests going from RCM to ONB to EC.

Some of the significant dynamics with this kind of integration –

One of the very beneficial offerings to customers who want to ride and take on both these integration paths and help them map their exisiting business processes with minimal efforts.

Customers should be well aware of the fact that ideally when Onboarding is implemented, we would want to make maximum candidate data flow from Onboarding to EC but as this allows to bypass onboarding, so some of the required data which is captured in Onboarding might be missed at the time of setting up integration between Recruitment and Employee Central.

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