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EDIT - 2017-05-10

The scripting mentioned below seems to be now reprecated, however using the Platinum Engineer library seems that SAP has made it even simpler, I'm attaching the screen capture of the method itself, which I haven't tried yet, but as soon as I do I'll update you on this post:


Seems to be easier, isn't it?


I'm leaving the original post as is, just for documentation reference.



Hi people, there's a guide explaining the configuration needed to send an email from the internal Mail service included in ByD.


1. First of all, we need to create a domain, so access the ByD as a key User.


2. Then access the Business Configuration > Implementation Projects


3. Once in there, click the Open Activity List Button



4. Then go to the fine tuning tab, and in the search field type "Mail", select the Mail and Fax Configuration, and click the "Open" Button


5. A new window will appear, Click the Email and Fax Settings link.. then..


6. In the Allowed Sender E-Mail Domains, click add, and write any domain, in this case my domain is HiByDCommunity.com

and leave the other fields as my caption, click save and close




7. Now we're going to configure our personal Mail, based on the domain that we just added.

Go to the Home WorkCenter, and select the Self Services Overview, Inside the Company Address Book block, click the Edit my Contact Data Link.



8. In the EMail field, fill it with an email using the declared domain, click finish.


Now we are ready to test this up.


Use the script example in the PSM, in the EMail Activity section!





Many of you asked for the script to implement this, so there you go! :grin:


On this example I created the QA with three input fields, 1 for the email title, another for the email where you want to send the message, and another with the actual message.



import ABSL;

import AP.FO.Activity.Global;


//EmailActivity: Root node

var elEmailRoot :  elementsof EmailActivity;

var instEmail;


// EmailActivity: define party node

var elEmailParty : elementsof EmailActivity.Party;

var instParty;



var TXT_TYPE_BODY_TEXT = "10002";

var elEmailTxtCollTxt:      elementsof EmailActivity.TextCollection.Text;

var elEmailTxtCollTxtCntnt: elementsof EmailActivity.TextCollection.Text.TextContent;

var instEmailTxtColl;

var instEmailTxtCollTxt;



elEmailRoot.Name.content = this.asunto; //Here comes the title of the email




instEmail = EmailActivity.Create(elEmailRoot);




elEmailParty.PartyKey.PartyID.content = this.email.content;         //The email address where you want to send it




instEmailTxtColl = instEmail.TextCollection.Create();

elEmailTxtCollTxt.TypeCode.content = TXT_TYPE_BODY_TEXT;

instEmailTxtCollTxt = instEmailTxtColl.Text.Create(elEmailTxtCollTxt);

elEmailTxtCollTxtCntnt.Text.content = this.contenido; //                           Here the message itself





Update: This script must have the save after execution indicator marked as true.

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