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In any system upgrade, we can't always anticipate all the possible issues that might happen.  When we recently upgraded our SAP Sandbox and Fiori version to S/4HANA 2020, we encountered a blank Review Availability Check Results (RACR) Fiori app which was new to us.  In this post, I share the steps taken to re-create the issue, troubleshoot, and resolve it.  If you're new to Fiori apps and troubleshooting them in general, you may find the resources highlighted in this blog useful.



When creating a Sales Order, or when changing a line item quantity on a Sales Order for an aATP-active material in Fiori, the Review Availability Check Result displayed as a blank screen.  There was no other option but to navigate back to the Sales Order.  In the SAPGUI however, the Standard Availability Overview screen appeared as normal.


Troubleshooting Resources:

Since this related to a Fiori App, I started with the Fiori app Library.  I found the RACR app listed in the library, navigated to the Implementation Information tab, and found that the app had a pre-requisite oData service UI_REV_AVAILY_CHECK_RESULT that needed to be activated.

To also check for other back-end issues, I executed the SAP Gateway Error Log (tcode: /n/IWFND/ERROR_LOG) in SAPGUI.  It confirmed that I had two oData Services that weren't activated:  UI_REV_AVAILY_CHECK_RESULT (as per the app documentation) and SD_F2713_SOCUSTEXPDPRICE_SRV.

As an additional safeguard, I searched the all-knowing SAP Knowledgebase and found SAP Note 2981977 (requires login), which described the blank RACR screen issue, and further explains how to deactivate the RACR screen in Fiori so that the system skips to the Standard Availability Overview like how it behaves in SAP GUI.

This turned out to be great advice as there was a Fiori demo urgently pending.  We deactivated the RACR Fiori app until we were able to resolve the issue.



Once I activated the oData services in the Service Catalog (tcode /n/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE), the SICF entries were created as well.  However, when I re-ran the scenario, the Gateway Error Log showed a different error: Vocabulary Annotation File not found.  This time, SAP Note 2826598 (requires login) came to the rescue when I searched in the SAP Knowledgebase.

Once I cleared the cache (tcode /n/IWFND/CACHE_CLEANUP) and went back to the Service Catalog to Reload the Metadata, everything fell into place.

When I reran the Sales Order scenario, the RACR screen loaded with the following expected details:



This RACR app and all other Fiori apps can be found in the Fiori app Library.  Always start here to ensure that you have all the pre-requisites setup, including required role assignments.  Then, use the Gateway Error Log to identify any errors that may have occurred between Fiori and your S/4 HANA backend system.  In general, if you face an issue post-system upgrade and are not sure what to do, check the SAP Knowledgebase for any additional SAP notes or community feedback.  While you may not be able to predict all possible errors or missing activations with a system upgrade, SAP has a plethora of resources (and a very helpful community) to guide you.

If you have other simple tips and tricks for Fiori troubleshooting, feel free to comment below!


Reference Links:

  1. Fiori App Library - Review Av. Check Result App (requires login): https://fioriappslibrary.hana.ondemand.com/sap/fix/externalViewer/#/detail/Apps('F4719')/S18OP

  2. Overview Blog about RACR (requires login): https://blogs.sap.com/2020/08/24/review-availability-check-result-racr/

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