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In SAP, the term "STO" typically refers to a Stock Transport Order, which is used to transfer materials between two different plants within a company. The deficit of stock in an STO process usually occurs when there is insufficient quantity of the requested material available at the supplying plant to fulfil the requested quantity.

Here's a scenario how the deficit of stock in an STO process is typically handled in SAP:



Error M7022 "PL Stock in transit exceeded by 130 quantity" is raised when trying to do Goods receipt.


Replicating the issue:

  1. Transaction MIGO

  2. Input document number.

  3. Error is raised.



Please find the analysis in below scenario (related to 3PL plant):

  1. As per MB5T transaction there is stock in transit for material 96014074 against purchase order 4502986273 / 20.

      So, GR is not yet completed for Purchase Order 4502986273 / 20


2. As per below purchase order material 96014074 batch L0148QU124 was transferred during GI           process from supplying plant UK01.


3. There were 650 quantities transferred from supply plant UK01 for Material 96014074 and batch          L0148QU124:


4. GR in receiving plant UK12 was 520 quantities. So, there is still 130 quantity GR pending                    (which is reflecting in MB5T) 


5. There were 650 quantities transferred from supply plant UK01 for Material 96014074 and                     different batch L0148DU124. 


6. GR in receiving plant UK12 was 780 quantities. So, there was additional GR for 130 quantities              done against PO number 4502984128.


7.   As per PO 4502984128, GI against batch number L0148DU124 was 650 quantities whereas GR is 780 quantities. Due to this there is no stock available in in-transit.

As stock is not available in in-transit, GR is not possible.



How can we get the stocks (pallets) deleted/adjusted from the MB5T?

  1. Go to transaction ME22N, key in affected purchase order number.

  2. Now select relevant Purchase order line item, set block then save,

Now stock (pallets) will be deleted from the MB5T screen.


Will appreciate if you can highlight other important/fundamental differences or if
anything is misinterpreted.

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