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In my previous blog, we discussed on how to create Positive Pay files using PMW. If you have not go through it yet, here is the link.


In this blog, I will share with you the answers to some typical questions you may come across while working with Automatic Payment Program. Trust me, people only share success stories, e.g. step by step APP configuration guide. Unfortunately, they are rarely found to be sharing the hardships they encountered prior to that success. I also did complete the APP configuration few days back. However, there were lots of issues that required in depth analysis and troubleshooting. We will discuss some of them. I hope this helps.

Scenario 1:

Probable Causes:

  1. No open invoices found for the Vendor/Customer as per the Parameters entered in F110

  2. Customer/Vendor account is already locked by other payment run, which is not yet completed. Go to the table REGUS (Accounts blocked by payment proposal) and check for any existing entry for the customer/vendor. There should not be any.

  3. Check the payment terms and also the calculated Baseline date & Due date in the open invoices

  4. Review the Payment Method assigned in the invoice vendor line item


Scenario 2:  

Check is not getting registered in PAYR table after successful Payment Run

  1. Review the House Bank configuration in FBZP and then verify the Check lot assignment with the Paying company code, House Bank & Account ID combination in transaction code FCHI

  2. In the Check lots, you must maintain the Payment Methods List with all relevant Payment Method.


Scenario 3:

Payment Medium not created

Do not forget to check the check box on the window the APP program prompts in Proposal/Payment run log.


Scenario 4:

Not able to view the files created in the Application Server – AL11

The files created from F110 are not text files. So, you cannot open and view the files from AL11.

Go to transaction CG3Y and enter the source file and destination file path to download the file in the presentation server.


Scenario 5:

Payment run successfully completed but check did not get printed

Probable Causes:

  1. In FBZP, go to “Payment Method/Country” and click on Format Settings


Then go to “Standard Settings” and on the next screen make sure the “Payment Medium with Docs.” is selected and the Adobe form name is entered.


When we use Payment Medium Workbench (PMW), Type = “PDF” is selected by default. Hence, to print check using PMW, we must use Adobe forms. Any other forms (e.g. SAP Script, Smartforms) are not allowed.

2. In transaction OBPM4, you have to assign a variant (for the report SAPFPAYM) to the Payment  Medium Format. When you enter the payment medium format in the report selection screen, as you have already assigned the PDF form in FBZP, the form name will be defaulted as below. Also, you need to enter the form name.

Do not forget to review the Print Parameters.

3. In PMW, only Adobe Forms can be configured for printing. So, do verify if all the basic configurations have been completed for Adobe form printing. ADS (Adobe Document Services) configuration must be completed by BASIS before the form is printed.

How to confirm if ADS configuration is in place?

Option 1:

Run the report FP_TEST_00 and Enter your Adobe form name on the Selection Screen and execute

  • If the configuration is correct, a form containing several lines on two pages is displayed.

  • If the configuration is not correct, no form is displayed. In that case, you need to perform further tests

Option 2:

Go to transaction SFP and execute your form to view the print preview. If ADS configuration is missing, the system will throw the following error


Scenario 6: Mandatory Master record not maintained

Probable Causes:

Check the following configuration in FBZP -> Payment Methods in Country. If any of the following Check box is selected, that information must be maintained in Master Record. In my case, Steet and Post code address was missing for the Vendor 10000000 in Vendor Master. Hence, I got the above mentioned error.


Scenario 7: You have configured PMW with the Option SAP Script, however the Print program is still calling an Adobe form

If we are using PMW in FBZP configuration, SAP Scripts cannot be used. In the configuration screen, SAP allows us to configure PMW with SAP Script. But, when we run the print program, an Adobe form is called in the Back End. If you are not using Adobe form, I would suggest to use the classical payment medium programs (RFFO*).


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Please feel free to comment if you feel any correction is required.

As always, let's keep learning, together.


You can reach out to me directly here https://www.linkedin.com/in/theratulchakraborty/
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