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Parameter Ids are very usefull to make you work faster with SAP systems, but not only.

Parameter Id itself is an ID for a specific field.

For example, how to know Parameter ID of "Transaction" field in tr. TM_53: one way - to check list of paramter ID below in this artcle, another way is to give a focus for "Transaction" field and press F1 button on keyboard. When "Performance Assistant" window appers, press "Technical information" button.

On "Technical information" window find "Parameter ID" field with parameter ID for "Transaction" field.

TIPS: sometimes for some fields there are no Parameter IDs on "Technical information" window, but they actually exist (check list of param id below in this article). Moreover, sometimes Parameter ID you found can be useless. Example for TRM - param id "FAN" and for example "T5F" for interest rate instrument. FAN will not work, but T5F is okey.

  • First application of Parameters ID: to have some fields values as soon as you have launched transaction

Start tr. SU3 or SU01.

Open "Paramter" tab.

Enter parameter ID "BUK" and assign Parameter value to it - for example your Company code.

Save your entry.

Next time you start for example tr. TM_53 - you'll find field "Company code" filled with your Company code id. So you don't have to fill it every time. Isn't it very convenient?

  • Another application is a drilldown in SAP Query (Also in ABAP reports), when you want to open transaction in SAP Query by double click on report line.In some cases, the drilldown to a transaction does not work in the reportreport interface. In these cases, you can use a small ABAP program to perform a drilldown. The ABAP program for a drilldown to the Interest rate instrument display (Transaction TM_53) is as follows:


In this case we used Parameters ID - "BUK" for company code and "T5F" for Interest Rate Instrument Transaction Number. How it works? When you make a double click on a line with parameters of Interest Rate instrument our code takes values for BUK and T5F param ID from double cliked line. Then transaction TM_53 is started. As soon as we have values for param ID - fields "Comapny code" and "transaction" are filled. And transaction TM_53 opens transaction details.

Filling an Initial Screen using SPA/GPA Parameters - ABAP Programming (BC-ABA) - SAP Library

Here is the list of common used parameters ID for Treasury and Risk management module:

Parameters ID Description Possible entry in tr. SU3
T00 Treasury: OK code for CALL TRANSACTION
T05 Treasury: Business partner
T06 Treasury: External role - counterparty
T20 Treasury: Hedges: No.
T21 Treasury: Hedges: Unit type
T22 Treasury: Hedges: Transaction currency
T23 Treasury: Hedges: Basic currency
tr. TBR1-TBR9, TBRL Reference & Netting
T30 Treasury: Netting: No.
T31 Treasury: Netting: Reference Category
T33 Treasury: Netting: Payment Date (DZTERM)
T34 Treasury: References: Last radio button active
- -
T44 Treasury: Currency Option Put/Call
T45 Treasury: Flag for mirror transaction
T46 Treasury: Reserved for FX/OTC
tr. TM01-03 Fixed-term deposit
T51 Treasury: Product type - fixed-term deposit
T52 Treasury: Transaction type - fixed-term deposit
T55 Treasury: Transaction number - fixed-term deposit
tr. TM11-13 Deposit at notice
T53 Treasury: Product type - Deposit at notice
T54 Treasury: Transaction type - deposit at notice
T56 Treasury: Transaction number - deposit at notice
tr. TM31-33 Commercial Paper
T57 Treasury: Product type - Commercial Paper
T58 Treasury: Transaction type - Commercial Paper
T59 Treasury: Transaction number - Commercial Paper
tr. TM41-43 Cash flow
T5A Treasury: Product type - Cash flow - Transaction
T5B Treasury: Transaction type - Cash flow-Transaction
T5C Treasury: Transaction number - Cash flow-Transaction
tr. TM_51-53 Interest Rate Instrument
T5D Treasury: Product Type - Interest Rate Instrument
T5E Treasury: Transaction Type - Interest Rate Instrument
T5F Treasury: Transaction Number - Interest Rate Instrument
tr. TM_61-63 Facility
T5G Treasury: Product Type - Facility
T5H Treasury: Transaction Type - Facility
T5I Treasury: Transaction Number - Facility
tr. TBM1-TBM3 Master agreement
TMA Treasury: Master agreement
TMC Treasury: Master agreement - control processing
TMT Treasury: Type of master agreement
- - -
TO1 Treasury: OTC Interest Rate Instrument Product Type
TO2 Treasury: OTC Interest Rate Instruments Transaction Type
TO3 Treasury: OTC Interest Rate Instruments Transaction Number
TO6 Treasury: FRA Transaction Number
TPM_TAC Treasury: Set/Get for TR Accounting Code
TRULESET_CAT Treasury FTR: Category of Rule Object
TRULESET_ID Treasury FTR: ID of Rule Object
FCI Calendar for working day rules
tr. TBB1, TPM*
FTI_FLG_LO Product Group Loans: Yes/No X or empty
FTI_FLG_LOF Product Group Listed Derivatives (Futures): Yes/No X or empty
FTI_FLG_OTC Product Group OTC (MM, FX, DE): Yes/No X or empty
FTI_FLG_SE Product Group Securities: Yes/No X or empty
tr. TRS_SEC_ACC Securities account ID
DEP Securities account ID (financial assets management)
tr. BP Business partner
BPO SAP Business Partner: BP Role
tr. TS01 Securities
FVVW_TRANS_TYPE_SEC Securities: Transaction Type
FVVW_TRANS_NUM_SEC Securities: Transaction Number
RAN Investment number of security
tr. FTRTBG01-03 Bank Guarantee
TO1 Treasury: Product type - Bank Guarantee
TO2 Treasury: Transaction type - Bank Guarantee
TO3 Treasury: Transaction number - Bank Guarantee

If you know other parameter IDs please let me know and i'll add them to the table.

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