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Business Function: FIN_TRAVEL_3


Ø  Requesting electronic tickets for air bookings

Ø  Creating multiple trips per day (legal requirement in Germany)

Ø  Creating trip breaks at any time during the trip

Ø  Maintaining version and history information for trip changes, for example, including differences to reimbursement amount

Ø  Tracking expenses for healthcare providers according to U.S. regulations

Ø  Defining configurable threshold amounts for paper receipt submission

Ø  Compare booked with expensed data

Ø  EU VAT refund directive

Ø  Express expense sheet enhanced for international trips

Ø  Country versions for Czech Republic and Slovakia

EU-VAT refund

Starting January 1, 2010 a new process for the refund of value added tax (VAT) takes effect in the European Union (directive 2008/9 EG). Within the EU, requests for VAT refund for receipts from international trips are transferred via a portal to the respective domestic tax authority, who forwards the data to the foreign tax authority. To be able to transfer this data electronically, companies need to provide detailed VAT data to the domestic tax authorities. Therefore trips need to contain some additional data related to VAT refund for international receipts.

nDetails:New dialog box for entering VAT-related data

Transfer of VAT refund data from SAP Travel Management to FI

Transfer of VAT refund data from FI to the VAT refund tool

Target User

Customers using SAP Travel Management who have already upgraded their back-end system to SAP ERP 6.0

Country versions for Czech Republic and Slovakia

SAP currently offers eighteen preconfigured country versions. For some countries, such as Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, or Slovakia, only an add-on solution existed. Unfortunately, the add-on solution cannot be upgraded to SAP enhancement packages for SAP ERP so some of these country versions will be downgraded to the standard. We've developed country versions for Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Multiple trips per day

Create one expense report for multiple trips

Add trip breaks to be excluded from per diem calculations

Copy trip break to create an expense report for repeat trips (such as a training course)

Trip versioning and history

Whenever a user changes data in a travel request or expense claim, a version document (copy of the form) is saved in the optical archive

You can configure the rules about when to pull a version

Access to versions is linked into the history function, which records all changes by individual as well as batch users

History function is extended per change log with information about reimbursement amount, estimated costs, and number of receipts

History function is enabled for self-service Web applications

Healthcare provider state marketing laws

Travel category in SAP ERP business partner type or role, with the assumption that the customer has the ability to upload and the maintain healthcare provider(HCP)

Search functionality for business user

Enhanced participant list at the receipt level for the third option of prepopulatingthe business partner HCP (versus internal and external only) for credit card or manual receipts

A new user exit to support the ability to calculate expenses by enterprise type (for example, by product of a pharmaceutical company)

Tracking of threshold amounts to warn business users

Standard report to support tracking for compliance with state regulations

Paper receipt needed

Allows you to define customer-specific thresholds to indicate when a paper receipt is required

Provides a summary of paper receipts on the Adobe form

Comparison of booked (planned) and expensed data

SAP Travel Planning already helps companies in that travelers can only book travel services according to the travel policy. However, travelers change their bookings outside the tool, for example, they re-book their flight tickets at the airport or they upgrade their rental car booking or select a premium room at the hotel. This produces additional costs for the company and transparency on these costs is missing. Customers require the ability to compare booked data with the data entered in the expense report.

Detailed functions:

Comparison of costs on trip level and on receipt level

Customer can define thresholds for differences (that is, warnings, reason required)

Manager is informed of differences

Reporting options available

Express expense sheet (international trips)

With Enhancement Package 4 we introduced the Express Expense Sheet which allows fast entry of expense reports per week, month, or a custom period. The solution now offers a fast and efficient way to capture expenses in a single user interface for countries with per-diem based travel expense reimbursement rules. Standard travel management features like receipt imaging, credit card clearing, simulation, and mass print are also supported. In the first version, the EES supported domestic trips only.

Additional information required for international trips will be requested from the traveler when entering trips with international destinations

PDF form is enhanced with the additional information

Automatic e-ticket support

Customer can specify that all tickets are issued as e-tickets via customizing

Ticket buyers will be informed that tickets are issued as e-tickets and that they only need to select the form of identification

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