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Rev-Trac is a SAP Bolt on tool useful to transport the R/3 objects from one environment to another environment in case of multiple system landscapes.

Rev-Trac holds the various transport requests under which the objects are collected.

Rev-Trac helps in  transporting the entire bunch of transport request in a predefined sequence with enough control on Dependencies among the transports.

Rev-Trac is SAP based change control application (Created by Revelation Software Concepts)

Revelation Software Concepts (RSC) have been developing and supporting SAP change control and change management software .


  • Easy to use technology that provides full control and visibility over landscape changes.
  • Automates many error-prone human processes, including migration of changes across landscapes.
  • Supports transport sequencing, advanced conflict management and object/configuration overtake and overwrite protection (“OOPS”) for total system safety assurance.
  • Fully automated approval workflow, electronic signature collection, process enforcement and transport migration.
  • Rev-Trac users have a transparent view of the whole development effort.

Rev-Trac in Change Management:

Rev-Trac is a highly configurable change control application which is quite helpful in managing the transport migration activities.

Rev-Trac can be configured and used such that:

  • Impose change control approval processes by configuring direct workflow prompts.
  • Intended Users and approvers are presented with the approval links to approve or reject the change requests.
  • Helps in maintaining the data consistency .Maintains Consistency by OOPS methodology (Overtake and Overwrite Proactively).
  • Uniform SAP Landscape changes, and triggers communication with every change step to the request owners.
  • Configurable approval process determined by the working model of the organization.
  • Transport changes across landscapes automatically without detailed Transport Management System (TMS) configuration’s necessity. 

Creation of Rev-Trac Request and Reports used in Rev Trac

Transaction Code : /RSC/RT

From the Rev Trac Console we will be able to get a consolidated view of the list of Rev Trac requests which are created under the user’s name.

We can also go to a particular Rev Trac Request from this console by giving the Rev Trac Number.

Users are provided with an option for searching the Rev Trac Workbench .

The RevTrac work bench has the following details as shown below

Transaction code:/RSC/RTWB

The Rev Trac work bench can be used to search for a particular Transport by either using the RevTrac number or by using any other attribute .

Status of the Revtrac Request

The snap shot below shows the various stages of  approvals and the current status of the RT .

Currently the RT shows the status of Complete , which means the Transports have been migrated to Production and they are verified .

RevTrac Work bench provides us with few more options

  1. Migration Log
  2. Change Log
  3. OOPS Check

Transaction Code : /RSC/RT01

Migration Log

Complicated SAP environment requires the use of advanced transport migration sequencing. The log of the migration and the return codes can be verified in this tab.

Change Request

When and by whom was the Rev-Trac  request changed?

Rev-Trac Workbench, then select Extras > Show change log  > Display changes

OOPS Check

OOPS is Overtake and Overwrite Protection Systems. Managing concurrent changes, a key challenge is to ensure that moving production support changes into the project streams should not remove manually applied changes in the project streams. In order to identify and reconcile any conflicts, some organizations rekey productions support changes manually in the project stream. This rekeying is so costly and liable to human errors.

Overwrite and overtake Production Systems reports this issue both for configuration data and workbench objects. When this is safe, it allows production support changes to be migrated directly to the project stream and removes the need for re-entry of changes manually.

New RT Request

New RT request can be created using the RT Workbench .

Tcode : /rsc/rt01

The new RT request contains the project details and the environment on which the development is planned and the path of the transport migrations.

Special Instructions to the migration team can also be provided in the reference Tab which the migration team can use while moving the transports across various environments

Creating Attachments in RT request

Reports in Rev Trac

The transports under the RT can be viewed by using the following Transaction

  TCode : /RSC/RM18

The objects corresponding to the Transports can be viewed using the following Report

Tcode : /RSC/RM23


Helps in managing the Approvals and migration changes in a complex landscape in a consistent manner .Manages the sequence of transports and provides with audit trail of all system changes.


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