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A Validation / Sustitution is transported to the Traget System using T. codes GCT9 and GCT0 respectively. For the same, you select Validation / Substitution in the Dropdown list in these t. codes and include it in a Transport request.

However, once a Validation / Substitution is deleted from the System, the same do not appear in the Dropdown list and thus not available for inclusion in the Transport request,

This document aims at inclusion of an already deleted Validation / Substitution in a Transport request and then Transport it to a Target System.


You have created a Validation / Sustituion and moved it to Quality / Production System. However, later on it was realised that the same is either not required or created wrongly and thus Need to be delted in all Systems.

Validation Overview in Development System:

Validation Overview in Quality System:

As can be seen, the Validation Z10003 has been deleted in the Development System after it was Transported to the Quality System.

Inclusion of Deleted Validation in the Transport Request

T. Code: GCT9

Doing the F4 on the Validation Name field, the deleted Validation do not appear in the Dropdown list.

So, rather than doing a F4 on the field, enter the Deleted Validation manually in the Box.

Then, go to Object and select the Option " Delete in Target Sytsem" (as shown below)

A message will appear

Press "Enter". The System will prompt for a Transport request.

Enter the "Workbench Transport Request" and then Transport it to the Target sytsem as per the deifned process in your organization.

For Substitutions, the Process is exactly the same. You just Need to use T. Code GCT0 (instead of GCT9)

There is also a possibility to remove an already added Validation / Substitution from a Transport request using the same T. codes.

Scenario: You have included multiple Validations / Substitutions in a Transport request, however, later you do not want to Transport a particular Validation / Substitution and hence want to delete from the Transport request.

It will Prompt for the Workbench Request from which you want to delete the Validation / Substitution. Enter the desired Transport request.

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