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Hi All,

I have created this document because I have faced this issue of Transferring a Material from Non HU Storage Location to a HU Storage Location for which I did not find any detailed solution on Web. This document will be helpful for those who are using DWM system.


To transfer the material from a Non-HU Storage Location to HU Storage Location,

System Behaviour:

System will not allow to use 311 Movement type as our exercise involves packing.


As 311 does not support the material movement, I tried to analyse alternate options.

Option 1:

To use HU04 and transfer the Material. But problem with this is, system will create a stock in Receiving Storage Location(HU). But the stock in sending location will still remain there. Also, there will be negative stock in the interim Storage Type which is most undesirable.

Hence this has to be ruled out

Option 2:

By using Transaction VLMOVE. But this Transaction cannot be used in a Decentralised WM system.

Option 3 (This worked):

  1. Create an outbound Delivery(in MB1B) with Mvt type 313 in ECC system
  2. Check if the Outbound Delivery is replicated in DWM
  3. Create a Transfer Order in DWM system
  4. Confirm the Transfer Order
  5. Do PGI against Delivery(Now Stock will be in Transit)
  6. Goto Transaction code MIGO in ECC and use “Place in Storage” option and choose the material document of 313 Movement type. Select 315 Mvt type in the Item detail and post the document
  7. This will create an Inbound delivery in ECC and DWM systems respectively
  8. Check if it is available in DWM
  9. Create Transfer Order
  10. Confirm Transfer Order and do a Goods Receipt in DWM system
  11. Check the Stock in in ECC system at the Sending and Receiving Storage Location.
  12. Check the Stock in DWM system.
  13. Now the stock will be available in the receiving Storage location with proper Handling Unit(HU).
  14. This completes our exercise of moving the Material from Non-HU Storage Location to a HU Storage Location

Hope this document will be an useful guide for all.