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As we move forward switching from the ECC world to S/4HANA, our paths will be cutting off with  settlement management more and more. In this article, I'll give a quick snapshot of Transfer Manager functionality in Settlement Management from a condition contract management (the replacement functionality for Rebate Management in ECC and more) perspective.

Transfer Manager is a convenient functionality where you can update data in certain fields of the settlement document from available fields without the need for coding in a BADI. Transfer Rules copy the data from the source structure field to the target structure field you would like to modify instead of coding this inside the settlement management BADI's. You can think of it like the copy control between SD documents, but instead of the routines in the copy control, we have already defined events, data structures and their fields that can be used to transfer data from one structure field to another.

Transfer Manager can be found in:

SPRO >  Logistics General > Settlement Management > Settlement Documents > Specify Settings for Transfer Manager

If you look at the IMG activity documentation, you'll find a detailed list of events being called during different phases of the settlement document posting. It also gives the BADI you can use alternatively instead of using the Transfer Manager.

When you execute this menu item, system will pop-up a window with three different options.

Define Transfer Groups is where the configuration is mostly done. The second and third items are used for linking the Transfer Group to the Settlement Document Type (either via Settlement Doc Type or via Event). Here is what the first item looks like when you double click on it:

There is no configuration where you can define any Transfer Events, they are hardcoded.

Under every event, you can define Transfer Groups. These Transfer Groups are assigned to the Settlement Document type and form the link between the document type and transfer rule. If you need your transfer rule to work for some settlement document types and not all, this is where you make that differentiation.

As an example, let’s take a look at event 78 – Accounting Accruals Line Billing Doc. This event has four Transfer Groups, 0C01, 0P01, 0R01 and 0S01.

If you select 0S01 and check the rules under it, here is how it looks like:

Also, you can select the line and go into its details as below

The transfer rule is assigning the condition contract number in the source structure (WCB_CC_KEY-NUM) to the Assignment number in the accounting document of the settlement document (ACCIT-ZUONR) for all settlement documents with 0S01 transfer group assigned to it .
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