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It doesn’t take much time for an organization to realize the business benefits of SAP Business One if implemented strategically. The software which is known for its outstanding functionality, affordability and its robustness keeps on adding new features to its latest version.  

Let’s turn our attention to some of the often overlooked and missed-out features of ERP software such as SAP Business One.

  1. Global Language Support

Global language support is one of the most strong features of SAP Business One. Once activated this feature helps you to present field data in more than one language. This feature is particularly helpful for businesses that are planning to expand their wings globally.  So, if you are doing business around the world or receiving orders from multiple countries, then SAP Business One helps you to enter values, enter quotes, display and print respective documents in multiple languages based on your unique requirements.

  1. Leverage alternate items in event of an out-of-stock situation

When you run out of stock situation, you can prompt a list of substitute items that your customers may plan to buy or consider. If products go out of stock, it is always a better idea to push alternate items that are there in the stock.  For instance, if a customer is intending to buy a Puma shoe but the item is not there in the inventory. In such a case, SAP Business One can suggest alternate items like Nike, Lee Cooper, Red Tape, Fila, Reebok, Adidas and push back to customers.

  1. Allocation of inventory

This feature works for items where there is batch or serial control enabled. This feature facilitates you to tag inventory quickly to specific customers. You can also see to whom the desired inventory is allocated and it will reflect the same in your inventory reports. This feature renders business users greater visibility into their inventory at a glance.

  1. Mobile application and Assistant Bots

For those of you who are always on the move, SAP Business One is now available at your fingertips. This app enables all business users such as finance professionals, sales managers and production managers to gain real-time accurate information on inventory, sales and production lines. Along with this, you can leverage SAP Business One Assistant Bot and communicate with the software through social media channels such as Whats App, Facebook Messenger and get the information you need for informed decisions.

  1. Dashboards

Sorting and arranging data is often a headache for all business professionals and users. So, let’s talk about the cool SAP Business One feature dashboards such as cash flow forecasting dashboard, purchase quotation dashboard or sales analysis dashboard. These dashboards allow you to filter data and show you the way you want and the moment you want it. Probably, one of the great advantages of the dashboard is that you can gain actionable information without spending days on it. For example, you can be instantly informed about your inventory, order, production, cash flow forecasting or sales in a matter of days.   

  1. Create Handling Units Effortlessly

This feature facilitates you to create handling units automatically in the background. The automatic packing functionalities are used in delivery transactions, WM (Warehouse Management) and EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) transactions.

  1. Assortment of other overlooked features

The following are some more features that are often missed-out in SAP Business One.

  • Automate Recurring Transaction

  • Drag and Drop functionality from Outlook email into SAP Business One

  • Copy and Paste options into SAP Business One

  • Custom Reports for Delivery

  • Streamline Pick and Pack manage with UDF's

  • Grid Expansion Enhancement

SAP Business One has a host of cool features which make it more interesting.  Have you explored any of these features? If no, then it is a time to think upon and use these amazing features which makes life little fun and easy.
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