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Hi there, my name is Neto, I am a presales consultant at Codestone Solutions Ltd ( SAP Gold Partner) and I am here to give highlights on key enhancements in the 2205 release

The SAP Business ByDesign 2205 Release is filled with exciting updates that are beneficial to all customers. As part of SAP’s continuous improvement in SAP Business ByDesign, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight the Top 5 enhancements to the SAP Business ByDesign solution in release 2205 you need to look out for in your SAP Business ByDesign System.

  1. Active Budget Control and Budget Categories

  2. Foreign Currency Remeasurement Run

  3. Improvement to Dispatching Board

  4. Product Count using Microsoft Excel

  5. Manual Production Order Creation


1.     Active Budget Control and Budget Categories

SAP Business ByDesign has been enhanced to improve customer’s spending behaviour with the use of Active Budget Control and Budget Categories.

A crucial aspect for most businesses is being able to monitor the financial health of the company. One of the ways to monitor this financial health is through budget control. SAP Business ByDesign has included the Budget Control functionality into the system which allows you to actively monitor and control spend for cost centers, direct cost and projects.

Illustration: The budget control check at the point of creating a purchase order and supplier invoice with no reference to purchase order.

Once configuration has been completed, and Budget Check enabled in the Org structure, using the Excel add-in, you can plan yearly budget based on Budget Category and release on a quarterly basis. You can also perform budget checks at release, approval and change of purchase orders or supplier invoice with no reference to purchase order.

In addition, key budget reports (Cost Centers – Budget Monitoring & Projects – Budget Monitoring) have been included to enable you to view your budget, spent and actual by cost center and budget category.

See link to find out more on Active Budget Control configuration and how it works.

2.      Foreign Currency Remeasurement Run

Currently SAP Business ByDesign allows you to create foreign currency remeasurement run for payable, receivables and cashflow, with the 2205 Release you can now create foreign currency remeasurement run for G/L Accounts too.

Firstly, you will need to scope this in the Business Configuration Work Center and update user access rights. Once scoping has been completed, you can create a Foreign Currency Remeasurement run for G/L accounts under periodic tasks in the General Ledger Work Center.

Like other runs in the system, enter all necessary fields and select if the run should be a test run. Once completed, you have the option to perform run immediately or schedule for a different date.

Once run is complete, you can view the postings that were made and the journal entries created on the document tab.


3.    Improvement to Dispatching Board

The Dispatching Board was released in the 2202 release which allows customers to have a view into unassigned service orders and available resources. With the recent update in the 2205 release, you generate  a list of resources and a 7-day view of their availability.

To assign a service order to a resource, select the day you want to assign and click on the Assign button (see image below).

You can also view all assignments for an employee on a particular day when you highlight the employee and select the number cell relating to that date.

Color codes have also been included to show availability of a resource

  • Green- Free hours

  • Yellow- Fully booked

  • Red- Over-booked

  • Orange- On Leave


4.     Product Count using Microsoft Excel

Product counts can be a bit labour-intensive when different products in multiple warehouses are involved. With the 2205 release, you can create product counts using Microsoft Excel add-in functionality in the system.

To view this new update, go to Physical Inventory Work Center, and click on By PI Count Document and then click on Create PI Count with Microsoft Excel.

Note: You will need to have the Microsoft Excel add-in which can be found in the Download Center in the application and User Management Work Center. You can also  log into your SAP Business ByDesign system from your Microsoft Excel.

Click on link to watch system demo.

5.    Manual Production Order Creation

A pain point for any Production Manager involves multiple processes before creating a Production Order, which could be time-consuming. As a remedy, a new common task ‘New Production Order’ has been added in the Production Control Work Center in SAP Business ByDesign. This functionality enables a one-step Production Order creation in the system.

Once you have filled in the necessary information in the Production Order, you have the option to Save or Release the created Production Order. The system creates the respective Production Proposal and Production Request which can be seen in the document flow. You have the option to delete the Production Order if it is still in preparation mode and has not been released.

Click on link to watch system demo.

In summary, I have listed out the top 5 updates from my point of view that I feel will be useful to all customers, to find out more on further updates please click on link

Please comment below if you have any questions.




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