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Since Twitter and the SAP Community Network have become major channels for SAP HCM information, and SAP HCM has also become a focus topic in the SAP arena since the acquisition of SuccessFactors was announced, I wanted to publish a list of the top 10 people I think are worth following for the latest and greatest information. I’ve split the list into two; firstly, five individuals that contribute to both Twitter and SCN and, secondly, five individuals that contribute through Twitter only.

Some of the contributors are fairly new to the social media game but are churning out content regularly. The challenge is if they can keep it up over a long period of time and if they can then the SAP HCM world will be a better informed place.

Jarret Pazahanick, SAP Mentor and Managing Partner at EIC Experts

Jarret needs no introduction and is a household name in the SAP HCM world. Jarret is the best person from which to get the most up-to-date information, blogs and articles on SAP HCM. He also focuses on enterprise software that has an impact on the SAP HCM world and was one of the first people to make noises about Workday’s encroachment into SAP’s HCM market share, which some suggest led to the acquisition of SuccessFactors.

Twitter: @SAP_Jarret

SCN: jarret.pazahanick

Prashanth Padmanabhan, SAP Mentor and Senior Director Product Management for HCM at SAP

Prashanth joined the SAP Mentors in the 2nd round of nominations for 2012 because of his longstanding contributions to the SAP HCM community. While originally a tweeter, he has recently become a regular blogger on SCN. His role at SAP means that he can provide the latest and greatest of what SAP Product Management is doing from a product and release perspective.

Twitter: @sprabu

SCN: prashanth.padmanabhan

Chris Paine, SAP Mentor and Consultant at Discover Consulting

Chris is a valued member of the SAP Mentor family and offers important insight into SAP HCM technology from Down Under. Of the SAP Mentors specialising in SAP HCM, Chris is one of the more technical members and offers an alternative perspective on both technical and functional topics. He recently interviewed Chris Turner, EVP, SAP HANA Partner and Developer Ecosystems at SAP TechEd in Las Vegas.

Twitter: @Wombling

SCN: chris.paine

Jean Bernard-Rolland, VP, Line of Business HR Solutions at SAP

JB, as Jean-Bernard is more affectionately known, has recently entered the social media mainstream, publishing blogs on SCN as well as his own http://www.watchthewave.com blog. He is also now a regular tweeter on a variety of SAP HCM content from across the ecosystem and makes good use of is position at SAP to provide an excellent variety of information.

Twitter: @WatchTheWave

SCN: jean-bernard.rolland

Frans Smolders, Solution Owner for Analytics at SAP

Like JB, Frans is one of the new generations of social media contributors working for SAP in a non-marketing role. Frans has become a regular blogger on analytics topics and, because of his role in Solution Management, is providing a large amount of information about SAP’s offerings, for both current and up-and-coming solutions. Unlike some other SAP bloggers, Frans is refreshingly informative and comes without a marketing spin.

Twitter: @FransSmolders

SCN: frans.smolders

5 Tweeters to follow

There are a few individuals that are worthy of following on Twitter, but either only make a small contribution on SCN or don’t contribute at all. Most of them would no doubt have made above list if they were regular contributors on SCN.

Steve Bogner, Managing Partner at Insight Consulting Partners

Steve is a recognized expert in SAP HCM and his regular and informative insights into the business challenges that HR face should be part of every SAP HCM consultant and thought leader’s intake. He often speaks at SAP HCM conferences and event and also hosts the SAP HCM Insights Podcast on a regular basis, featuring a team of SAP HCM experts from around the globe. While not prolific in his tweeting and blogging, Steve is definitely quality over quantity and one to watch.

Twitter: @SteveBogner

Vasiliy Baranovskiy, SAP HR Consultant at Soft-Rating Consult

Vasiliy is quite new to the SAP HCM social media world, but he has a habit of unearthing rare gems around SAP HCM and, particularly, SuccessFactors. His contributions can be seen both via his Twitter feed and in the SAP and SuccessFactors group on LinkedIn, where he uncovers blogs, articles and videos on relevant content.

Twitter: @Baranovskiy_V

Jeremy Masters, Managing Parter at Worklogix

Jeremy, like Steve, is well known for his SAP HCM expertise and is a co-author of no less than four SAP Press books. As a regular conference visitor, speaker and exhibitor, Jeremy often has informed insights into the latest happenings in SAP HCM and also blogs his informative takes onto the major happenings.

Twitter: @JeremyMasters

Chiara Bersano, Senior Director for HR Industry Business Solutions at SAP

Chiara is the fourth SAP employee on the list, showing just how well SAP employees in the HCM space have begun to engage within and contribute to the community. Chiara is an advocate of all things SAP HCM and is out to spread the word of what SAP is doing.

Twitter: @ChiaraBersano

Sven Ringling, Director & HRIS/SAP HCM Consultant at iProCon Group

Sven is a veteran SAP HCMer and a methodical and thought-provoking contributor in this space. He has deep experience in many areas of HR that affect users daily and offers insights and news into the happenings of SAP HCM.

Twitter: @svenringling

In addition to those above, you can also follow me on both Twitter (@LukeMarson) and SCN (luke.marson) to read about my musings on SAP HCM.

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