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With Fiori Tile Monitor Material Coverage - Net and Individual Segments (App ID: F2101A), you can monitor all the materials in the selected area of responsibility to view the shortage. This blog will show overcoming the "Too many data records selected" error.

Standard SAP has a 20,000 record limitation for the Monitor Material Coverage tile. Any record above 20,000 material/plant combination will throw an error message "Too many data records selected."

Sometimes, it's inconvenient for the buyer/planners to keep changing areas of responsibility.

Reproducing Steps:

App Settings

Area Of Responsibility

My Area of Responsibility

Too Many Data Records

Solution:T-code: SE24 and change the class: CL_MRP_BUFFER_SEL.


Results after implementing changes:

With 50,000 records in SE24, we can now display up to 50,000 material/plants combination.

Note: Please monitor the performance after the change.

After Change


  • Monitor Material Coverage is helpful for buyers/planners to find the shortage. If the organization has more plants, it restricts the number of records planners can display.

  • By changing the class and fixing the value on the class, we can display more records.

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