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Dear Solution Managers(Friends),

"This is the limit of tolerance". I am writing this blog to collect people's point of view especially ABAPer how they tackle functional person's logic when they are more than one.

While working on xyz project / functionality / report many times I am encounter such kind of situation where I am getting too many logic for the single task from so many functional person. Each of them tries proves that they are correct. I don't know on what basis they are providing their functional logics and how to proofing them it as correct one. I know many of us have gone through suck kind of situations I would like to know what to do when such sort of time has arrived.

User wise case to case system is neither preferable nor reliable (Strongly not possible). Sometimes I am scared to think what to do if one more selection do exists (Execute report for which user)

It's totally horrible to dream also. Sometime I feel like SAP has provided so many standard procedures (functional logic) why not to follow one them which is suitable and compatible. Then go behind and thinking ok it's for Z and all is better if user needs something another.

I am eagerly wanted to know the experience faced by others. I am getting same kind of experience or I am the only the case and if second option is activated then you may think that I am Alien on earth.


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